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Is A Vaporizer Worth The Money If It Isnt For Health Purposes?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 2 chainz, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. I'm considering getting a zephyr ion vaporizer one of my friends has it nib for 260 and he just got it like a week ago but he decided he didn't want it. Well, what I'm trying to find out is just if its worth the money to invest in a vaporizer if its not for health purposes, and how is the high from a vaporizer money isn't much of an object in this situation so efficiency of the vaporizer isn't that big of a deal its just whether the Higgins better or not.
  2. To be honest I was disappointed with my extreme q 4.0, I was so used to ripping the bong and having fairly large joints that the hassel of using the vaporizer combated the moderate high it gave me.
    If you have low-ish tolerance and wont miss tradational smoking methods then they are great, that wasn't the case for me and I rarely use it anymore.
  3. Yeah incredibly worth it, just buy the right ones.  My solo cut down my consumption and the taste is better, I enjoy the high way more.  It takes some getting used to though, first few days weren't quite the same.  Now I prefer it over bong hits.  
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    I have an SSV and before i bought it I smoked bongs,joints,blunts, and bowls daily when I switched I instantly prefered my vape even though the clouds werent quite as satisfying I was completely satisfied with how high i got and with how good and clean my weed tasted and I wouldnt say I have a low tolerance at all. Its all prefrence really but I definetly think vaporizers are worth the money the SSV especially.
  5. No, if it's not for health, then buy a pack of zig zags and roll a joint.
  6. If not for health then it really comes down to personal choice. I have an Extreme Q and I love it, it's smoother than any of my bongs, it tastes better, it's more efficient and I use it indoors.
    However i always find bong hits get me way more stoned than the vaporizer and much faster, it's also far more portable and arguably more fun.
  7. I love vaping and I smoked for a good 40 years. I don't miss smoking at all. I get way more stoned on way less weed. Perfect!
  8. I have an extreme q and I like it. I haven't smoked it in a while, at least 5 months. The only reason I bought it is because my best friend sold me his for $80 and it was basically brand new. I used it a shit ton for the first bit  before I decided to invest in a good bong. Now that I have a bong that's what I use mostly. It get's me a lot  more higher and quicker too. 
  9. Absolutely worth it imo.
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    I love my extreme Q. The high hits you differently for sure. I feel like it is a slow build into being high, unlike a bong hit where in about 45 seconds you feel it. I prefer vaping at this point and only smoke when i am pressed for time because the process is longer for sure. See if your friend will let you try it out before he sells it to you, then you will no if its worth it for you. Another plus is the fact that there is little to know smell. A quick small spritz of air freshener and youre good!
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  11. I like having a vaporizer.  I don't use it often but its a good way to consume the herb and its nice to change up the routine every now and then
  12. I'm buying an extreme q later on today. I've been a glass guy my whole life and I'm interested to try out the vape.
  13. Yes for sure I bought a magic flight and it is amazing I love how it does not make me as tired and It's a more active high for me because I always want to be active when I smoke it
  14. owned the extreme for 4+years, solo for 1+ yr.
    best weed investment ive made. vaping is truly the way to enjoy every aspect of the herb. 
    dunno about that specific vape...never used it..but give vaping a try for sure...its worth it :smokin:
  15. Vaping can be worth it if you put in the effort. Its not going to hit as hard as a bong, but when it hits your REALLY HIGH. That high also comes with a functionality i find because i never have dumb ideas like i sometimes will with a bong. It also cuts down on how much you use by alot. I normally go through about 3.5 grams a week but a week of only vaping i use less than a gram with a lot of seshes. Probably 0.05 per bowl.
  16. I have the MFLB and I love it, it's so discrete I can use it almost anywhere. I get just as ripped off of way less weed, which is a plus too.
    I vape almost exclusively for solo sessions, but I usually smoke or a combination of the two when I'm hanging out with friends or at a party or whatever.
  17. I'd for sure say it's worth it, as long as you have a good vape! I could never get high with a MFLB  :confused_2: not sure why, but I decided to invest in a volcano digit instead and not only do I get stonedd to the bone, but its also very conservative. I actually prefer to vape now because the high is much more enjoyable and it tastes so good, although I still like to rip the bong from time to time hahaa :bongin:  I used to smoke about a half oz. a week, but now I consume about an eighth a week thanks to my vape!

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