Is a vaporier, just not for me?

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  1. I have a Flowermate and I have only been smoking weed for 6 months. Long story, the vaporizer just sucks. It has always sucked for me. I have used it maybe 50 times, and every time I barely get stoned. I took a week off "T-break" knowing that I would only use vapor . I was hoping to get high. Same old stuff. It takes me 3 full bulls of "good weed" on the Flowermate.. I mean its ok, but I can take a single hit with a pipe, and get more "High". 3 days with only using Flowermate, and I'm not getting high . Is a vaporizer just not more me , or should I purchase another type..The 100 bucks I bought for the Flowermate was a total waste. I don't want to have to wait 15 min's to smoke/ pack etc etc..I just want to get high.Sometimes its cool to just smoke slowly. I like smoking a joint etc, but most of the time I just want to get high. I am 38 and Im new to smoking. Just don't want to waste another vape if its gonna be even close to the Flowermate.
  2. That really sucks dude I absolutely love my portable vape 1-2 "bowls" and I'm dead to the world small puffs for 10 mins which is the shut off timer high for dayz and no tar/carcinogens. I have the ipuff flowr I paid 130 at a head shop I happened to look online after and it was like 100 online
  3. Vapes provide a different kind of high to begin with. I think inhaling the bad shit in smoke causes a bit of a head rush which might be what you're missing. I don't have any experience with your model but I bought a Hotbox desktop vaporizer and it's just gathering dust now. Not because I didn't like the high but because it was just too much prep for my tastes and I didn't like the glass and tubing and all. Just felt kinda methy to me. I prefer jays if I want to get stoned or tinctures or coil pens if I just want a tune-up.
  4. vaping is a different high it comes on much slower and it's more of a heady high because when you are smoking there is something in the smoke that causes more of a lethargic body high.

    I personally prefer smoking but I am not very experienced with vaping, there's definitely a learning curve and at this point I would rather smoke than vape, though vaping can be nice.
  5. I just got a flowermate mini and I love it. I would say it performs as expected for a portable in that price range. I had a mflb and an atmos transporter before. Vaping is just different. It seems to me that it takes 2-3 puffs on the vape to equal a pipe hit. The high is headier. You just need to find what works for you.
    I find the capsules don't work well with the fm, but directly filling the oven with herb works great.

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  6. Been Vaping like five years so I guess I haven't been high in a long time.
  7. Vapes are OK but I prefer smoking. Vapes get me high but our minds process the high differently. Sort of like how it seems to be a better high for some people getting stoned with friends as opposed to alone or vice versa for others . Part of a good high is enjoying that high and the process of getting there, vapes do not give me that therefore it's less enjoyable and in part I feel less high of sorts. Maybe youre like me and vapes just aren't your thing.

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  8. i know the feeling im in the same boat and dont know wtf. ive tried all kinds of different vapes and every time i smoke i just get a light little buzz like a hit a roach 2 or 3 times. wish i could get the benefits of getting super high and saving weed but its not meant to be i suppose.
  9. I'm good with not liking vapes.
  10. Yeah, I have never gotten the high I like with vapes. I had a couple when they first came out years ago- one I had to use a heat gun and one had a halogen bulb that was on a gooseneck that you placed in a glass bowl over your cannabis. I've also had several modern vapes, but like many responses I prefer to smoke rather than vape.
  11. i would have a hard time spending the money on a volcano or pax 2 or w/e when my previous experiences with vapes lead to no buzz
  12. is there any good ones for say like 50 bucks? if so do you mind linking me or something? local gas station has g-pens for like 35 bucks but the reviews on em suck and im pretty sure they are counterfeit ones anyways
  13. cool, thanks man
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