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Is a vape worth it?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pizza_n_boges, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I've been thinking of getting a vapor genie but I'm not into it for the health benefits, I just want to know if it'll get me higher than my ordinary bowl.
  2. It gets you higher with less weed required. If your regular bowl is .4, you'll need like .2 to get as high with a vape. And it's healthy as fuck.

    I suggest getting a Da Buddha vape, they cost about 200 and are durable, and very effective. Good vape for people new to vaping, imo. (as opposed to the 600 dollar godly volcano)
  3. Get the vape.

    I have a digital one though I seldom ever use it.
  4. :) A vape is a good idea, stay high, use less, little odor, I've used one exclusively for a year now. Could not be happier......

  5. what are the matches for? lol
  6. L

    Absolutly worth it. I own Da Buddha and I love it. Great investment.
  7. I found i never got that high with a vap. I used my friend's for a month but cant remember what the name of it was. He said he paid around $200 for it. And we stuffed that thing with the dankest but found it was no equal to some good smoke.

  8. Then something had to of been being done incorrectly?
  9. It won't get you higher per se, but your bud will last far longer.
  10. Vapes are awesome. they make your weed last a longer, taste great, awesome high and very healthy for your lungs. Another great feature that I love is there is hardly any smell. Great for covert smoking... or err... vaping... you know what I mean.
  11. Vaporgenies are awesome man. You get super high with a miniscule amount of weed. Also you use a lighter to heat the weed up so it feels more like smoking. The trick with heating up your bowl is to hold your lighter sideways so the flame is above the bowl, and pull the flame down just above the top part. You want to make sure not to pull the flame inside so you don't char it before it gets cashed.

    The vaporgenie website says to take between a 6-8 second hit, any longer and it supposedly could be bad for your vape over time. I've found after a year of daily use from it that the way you take the perfect hit off of it is to:
    1. Take a big breath and exhale completely
    2. Hit it for 8 seconds, counting one one thousand, two one thousand, etc
    don't let the flame inside
    3. At 8 take the flame off but keep breathing in for a few more seconds to make sure you get all the vapor
    4. Take a big breath, rolling the shoulders back
    5. Hold in at least 10 seconds, i usually do 15-20 or longer
    6. Breath out
    7. Repeat until its brown and tastes bad
  12. Thinkin about a VaporBros. Hands Free..
  13. I keep hearing good things about the Magic Flight Launch Box. If you have to be stealthy about your vaping get the Launch Box or the VaporGenie.
    The first vape I bought was a large box-type vape from Vaporbros I think (not sure) and it wasn't until after a few weeks of using it that I started wanting to vape whenever and wherever I wanted...without needing an outlet to plug into, worrying about setting it up, waiting for it to heat up, etc. If the Magic flight works like its advertised, its definitely worth getting.
  14. Yes they're worth it, and there are a lot of types of them now. After the bong I'm buying monday, that's my next para purchase. Not sure what type I'm gonna get yet though.
  15. Do u like Vapes? If so then buy one.

    If u havent tried one yet then I recommend that u do before spending $$ on one.

    I personally dont enjoy smoking out of a vape. I have lots of friends that do though. It depends on your preference.
  16. Ive had the vaporgenie and its the best vape for the money in my opinion. It does take some getting used to however but you'll get it down after a few bowls. I only vape nowadays. I finally got the volcano a few months ago and my only complaint is that i wish i bought it sooner! its worth the $500 if you have it. I use my iolite when i want to be vaping in the go and that one works nicely too but nothing i've consumed marijuana out of can compare to the volcano at all :D
  17. You have WAYYYY too much bud in that. I only use a pinch.... It's not going to vape the weed on the inside very much, and the bud on the bottom will char....

  18. uhh, maybe thats why? you cant stuff the bud in there, it should be ground up finely and be loose.
  19. I totally agree. But I sure do like vaping out of vape. ;)

    Better vaked than baked.

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