Is a vap worth it?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by ramones4d, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Rite now all i have is just a little pipe, but me and by buddies were all thinkin of gettin a vap this summer when i get my own place. seems like nobody really uses vapes, and i was wondering if it's worth buyin one. ive never smoked out of one, but people have told me that they get old after like 5 or 6 sessions...what do u guys suggest.?
  2. I love my extreme vaporizer. I use nothing else but that because i live with roomates who frown upon the green. Every once and a while I would love to hit a big bong hit. If I had to choose one though I would go for the vape they save weed. So you can afford a bong too.
  3. there not as funa s bongs or that kind of thing ut there are supposed to better for you and are supposed to be more "efficient"
    i like glass more
  4. Ya, the main reason why i was looking in to getting a vape is mainly to save weed and it's better on your lungs and your health. How much would a hot box vape cost me? or is there a better vape out there...excluding a volcano...not spending 600 on a vape lol
  5. From what I've read, the most popular entry level vapes are the vapor bros, vapor cannon, and Da Buddha. All are around 150 I believe, and all were quite well. I have a Da Buddha and use nothing else, it saves weed like a motherfucker and tastes soooo good.

    my one problem with vaping was that it isn't quite as fun as hitting a after some experimenting, I found that by simply stuffing the end of the tube into a downstem, one can obtain massive and smooth vapor hits right from the bong :smoke:

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