Is a npk of 18 24 16 good

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  1. Just wanted to know if a npk of 18 24 16 good for my plant that is a lil over halfway done with budding it's a rose plant food I wanna give it... says it's for bigger, more beautiful roses of course it's miracle grow I know alot allot of people say my is bad but it's all i could afford

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  2. any miracle grow is pics maybe your plant doesn't need food ....probably not good to give it rose food....shoot for tomatoes food ....if you can't get the ideal nutes for cannabis...


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  3. Don't use it.
  4. OP is flowering so Cacti nutes would be a better choice
  5. I can't take pics of my girl at the moment lights out I do use job organic tomato nutes Alaskan fish fertilizer and of course the bloom booster lately it's been only the job organic tomato nutes and little of the fish fertilizer she's just about 4 ft cross between to different plants I bred together one was girl scout cookies and the other some normal bag seed and out came good seeds and a monster of a girl when sprouting them I am not that good at growing yet only done it for a few years now working with a 150 watt hps which I guess for a light is better than just a cod bulb lol I do got a 2nd generation getting ready to take over the good light the 150 hps God but before I harvest my big girl what can i do to increase bud size I got side lights on her a fan good reflection allot of bud sites I mean alot i just want to make this my best grow yet which so far has been doing great. For the 2nd generation I topped 2 females and lollipop the other only the best female will get 100 percent of my 150 hps after my original girl finishes sorry for the long read I just got allot to talk about

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