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is a conspiracy!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kamikazikillah, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Alright im real high so bear with me,

    I recently found out that the group Partnership for a Drug Free America is funded and run by Tobbacco and alcohol companies. If you think about it you say whats wrong with that? They are doing a service to the country. WRONG

    For example: they have commercials with people that are flat and all fucked up from smoking weed like it ruined thier lives. Now i am a believer that every person is gunna do one of theese things.(smoke weed, drink, or smoke cigarettes).

    Now all they are doing is scaring kids away from smoking pot. Weel those kids are gunna go and find drinking then because the alcohol commercials make it look stylish and cool and it only says drink RESPONSIBLY. (why cant it say smoke weed responsibly?)

    So by making a negative campaign about smoking marijuana and positive commercials about drinking all they are doing is driving kids toward drinking instead therefore making more money. Its like a reverse commercial, or reverse advertising.

    Im fine with people who really think weed is bad and are against it. it is their opinion. but i think that Partnership for a Drug Free America is lying just to get more money in the end, not because they care.

    Now i dont have kids but if i did id rather they were home watching a movie stoned than out drinking. I know way too many kids that died from drunk driving and none that died from weed.

    IDK maybe im just real high but i think this makes sense and should be known by everyone.

    thanks for reading:wave:
  2. There's nothing to "think" about.

    This is pretty common knowledge...for everybody on OUR side of the fence.

    Reform is just going to take time, and alot of work to get things the way they should have been to begin with. People live in fear. Fear of change, fear of admitting they've been lied to by the lobbyists, major corporations, and most of all... our government.
  3. you make a great point. thanks man
  4. tobacco companies are required by some law to make those commercials. the don't want to do it, they have to.

  5. Yeah thats what im saying and making those commercials is making them more money because its trying to convert people to alcohol and tobacco instead of weed.
  6. gunshots to the head for all the tobacco and alcohol industry assholes who put our brothers in jail and violate our basic liberties as equal beings on this planet just to fill their wallets up a little more to afford more whores and fuck more people over.I wanna see their blood being drunk by stray dogs all over the country.
  7. I don't think law says tobacco companies must pay for drug free america commercials. Tobacco is a drug, as is alcohol. Both are legal however, and pot isn't. If more people realized that pot is soooooo much better for you, these companies would lose money.
    Many people drink instead of smoke simply because it's legal.

    To the OP:

    These companies want us to believe marijuana will make you a crazy, lazy, drug addicted individual who will gonowhere in life. They also say it's got hundreds more chemicals in it and is more likely to cause cancer than cigs.

    The reality is, alcohol and tobacco are waaaay more addictive. i don't know anyone who can honestly say that they got so addicted to pot they fucked thier life up. I know alot of people who can say alcohol fucked thier lives up.
  8. tobacco and alcohol are both drugs yet they are part of drug free america?
  9. And two of the most addictive and deadly ones at that.
  10. Yeah man this blew me away. These ads are hurting marijuana and driving kids to other drugs.

    The messed up thing is they are doing these ads for profit.:confused:
  11. that's not a conspiracy man, that's called marketing.
  12. Yeah, people pretty much entirely suck
  13. You got it all wrong.

    It's the Illuminati. They're the ones keeing it criminalize.

  14. We think alike. :D
  15. before the davinci code was a movie, next to nobody (at least around here) had a clue what the illuminati were

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