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is 700 for a QP a good price???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by underwate2013, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. This kid hit me up and said he could get me a QP of medical for $700. And he said he could get me an Oz for $250. But I get some pretty dank bud for 200 an oz. Am I getting ripped off? And Is medical grade as good as its made out to be?
  2. wow... you get a oz for 200... ok for basically 800 for a qp
    since your buying 4 ozs at one time you pay 700.... if you like the bud you pay... ok bye
  3. Seems like a pretty good deal. Just being cynical but there's probably a good chance he's just throwing around the medical label the same way some dealers say everything is Kush.
    If you break down the numbers its 175 per ounce this way but he said he could get you an ounce for $250? I know buying in bulk brought some discounts but something smells a lil fishy. IF it's legit though it's a good deal clearly since it's cheaper than the "pretty dank bud" you're currently getting
  4. fuck the bull shit check it and weigh it before you buy it...
  5. yeahh I'm gonna be there wen he weighs it
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  6. Some kid hit you up? Seems legit.
    Seriously keep buying your ounces at 200, at the most buy an ounce of this kid first to see how legit he is.
    Just can't see a good enough reason to go meet "some kid" with $700 for a $25 dollar/ounce price cut.
  7. You should insist on smoking a bowl with him while you're there just to be sure it's quality bud. If it is, then you just saved a shitload of money, and you can probably sell it for more than your usual pickup.
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  8. Sounds sketch AF to me. Especially if you can't look or test the product before you buy and weighing before money changes hands is very important. If he's slinging QP's he should be a good enough dealer to make everything legit.
  9. you know if he wanna be shady.. dip out... my dealer brings 3-4 different kinds, lets me try a taste, he dont even mind if i finger fuck his bud... i mean he lays out like 3 different kinds... i can look, smell, or even try a hit if i ask.. but u know i never ask to hit nothing its always dankkk... just careful with that 700 bro lotta people wont hesitate to gank you.. :) hope this helps.. and hope it all works out good for you... if u feel somehtings wrong.. tell em take a hike... :) 700 aint a small amount of money...
  10. Depends where you are. In Cali, $700 would be too much, but in NYC that would be a steal.
  11. Seriously be careful it sounds like he may rob you that's awful cheap unless you his friend tell him you want to see the bud first

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  12. I was sketched out when you said "kid".
  13. Location needs to be given...
    If you're on the West Coast you're being ripped.
    However if you're East Coast they're likely trying to rip you.
    All that said Im in Oregon and have easy access to $500-600 medical QPs, and have never bought more than an OZ back East..
    Dealers be way too sketchy...
  14. If you are anywhere but Cali or Colorodo it is a good price. Make sure it isnt a robbery or shitty bud/shorted bud. 

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