Is 45W LED lights enough for 2 plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by spaceghostbrah, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Is this amount of lighting sufficient for 2 plants or one plants?
    I usually hear 100w is needed for one plant and then 50w for the extra plants
    or does 45w amount to 200W or less?
    I plan on getting this with the 45W LED lights

  2. professional pc grow box.... awesome!
  3. You're fine with what the pc box comes with. It's plenty of light for the tiny space.
  4. anyone else? what sorta yield would I be looking at?
  5. yield will depend on genetics a lot. anywhere up to 2 ounces is possible. The question here is, are those lights actually drawing 45W or are there just 45 diodes rated at "1 W each" In such case the actual capacity will be way less.
    Sure is nice to buy a pre built pc box, but damn that thing is so expensive at 380$. My box will draw actual ~40W and it will be so much cheaper to make.
    the rule of 100w per plant does not apply in the led world. Here I know a different standard- 60W of led per 1 sq. foot (thats 60 real watts being drawn, not "rated")
    P.S. according to my findings a ratio of 2:1 red to blue is too heavy on the blue. Thats a vegging light more than a flowering one (1blue : 3.5 red is a good all rounder) Also The panel should have 2 red wavelengths (e.g. 630nm and 660nm) for inducing the Emmerson effect (read: bigger yield)
  6. Yes, it will work...  However your not going to harvest a lot at all...
  7. just a heads up i have grown 8 seedling on a 45w led grow and they went to flowering stage then moved them to my 300w cfl lamp and are doing well (yes all eight) so to all you people who say leds and cfl are crap you need to slow down as i have had and still getting good results on both i think if you need advice on growing you should throw your self in the deep end and try what works for you and dont listen to much to the guys with big heads on here just try your own ways its all about trial and error good luck on your up and coming grows

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