Is 4 the ideal age? To Babysit

Discussion in 'General' started by Hollywood67, May 5, 2016.

  1. OK folks. I need some input here. I am not trying to be weird, but there must be people out there babysitting while enjoying their favorite flower. I figure that a 4 year old is the silliest of all ages. Ages 3 amd younger don't have enough attention span. Older kids just aren't as silly. What is ideal for everyone's enjoyment? What's better than laughing all day and falling asleep!!!
    Hope I'm not offensive, as I am at least 3 times your age... (use your phone for the math

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  2. Jesus, you're 174?
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  3. 198?
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  4. There is no way that you are 3*infinity.:coolalt:
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  5. O.k., here's my input:

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  6. Op is 16.

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  7. Still the question lingers.... What? O. o
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  8. Doesn't really matter once there asleep there all the same
  9. Uhmmmmmm.
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  10. I get what you're saying, but lol at this topic

    but isn't 4 kind of the age where they can start really being trouble makers? That'd be a buzzkill

    also I wouldn't babysit while stoned
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  11. I'm like .. the opposite of Michael Jackson. I fucking hate kids. Being in their presence gives me anxiety attacks worse than an edible fuck up
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  12. I find getting nice and stoney before being around younger kids turns their rambling, nonsensical babble into a fun conversation.
  13. Are you 5 and 1/3 then, because he said he's 3 time your age hahaha ha

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  14. 4 is way too young to be a babysitter. Seriously, someone's going to die.
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  15. Naw, I'm assuming by OP's nonsensical post that he/she is underage.
  16. Oh OK lol hahaha I'm just joking around anyway

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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. They start to get tough and chewy from 4 on.

    I would go 3 and medium rare.

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  19. Depends on the kid he or she personality the time you are babysitting

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