Is 2009 season over?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by GorillaFarmer, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Ok. So I have a indoor grow going on now. Recently I cloned the shit out of a couple mothers and kept the strongest ones for my next cycle grow. Leaving me with 13 clones.

    Ok so now at about 2 weeks old a guy I chill with was talking about trying to get some good seed stock or clones earlier in the year to start his own outdoor. He said he had a really secure spot for about 20 plants out in the middle of east bumfuck. The offer was basically my clones and knowledge for his land and security. Split the harvest.

    My question is, Shouldnt I have plants at like 2 months into veg by now to grow anything worth the risk?

    What can I expect plant size wise from a plant with a 3 month veg opposed to 5?

    Is scrog outdoors even possible? Id like to attempt. Hopefully keep plants lower and increase yeild.
  2. It is not too late

    you will just get a smaller harvest than you originally would if you had planted them in the beginning of the season
  3. Just watch out becuz he can rip you of.You can grow without him can he without you???I`v seen it happen.In my opinion you you r better of doing it alone.Btw its not too late :cool:
  4. Nice MA is my area. When is official beginning of outdoor season in the northeast? I figured it was Memorial Day. My plants are on there like 3rd branch site now, What size do you usually plant outdoor?
  5. You will get a plenty fine harvest... I have had my girls out for like 35 days now with a short sprouting in a growbox in my house under CFLs. I imagine your two months under good veg lighting will be close to the equivalent in size of the plant.

    I hope you trust your partner.

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