Is 1 12 enough?

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  1. I've been looking into purchasing subs for my car, and I was wondering if 1 high quality 12 inch sub would produce enough bass, or would I be disappointed I didn't get two? Having only 1 appeals to me because of less trunk space, and I don't want to bump obnoxiously loud all the time and I feel 2 may produce this effect. I mostly listen to hip hop.
  2. It all depends on what kind of subs you want and how much money you want to spend. 1 12 of a w7 will be louder than 2 12s of mos other brands. Also it depends on how big of a amp you want. Ill tell you my set up

    2 alpine type x 12s
    3500 gravity amp
    3 farad capacitor.
    All together i paid 1200 but my whit is hella loud and clear. How much you trynna spend bro!?
  3. I was looking to spend around 150-200 for the subs + enclosure to save some money for the amp
  4. 1 decent 12 inch and a good amp will probably be all you'll need.

    Having more then 1 is when you get into wanting to thump down the street. If you're just looking for some personal gain in bass, 1 12inch is more then enough.

    What kind of car is it?
  5. one 12 is fine, could even get a 15. I'd prefer one, I used to have two 12"s in a box with a 1200 watt amp. I had no trunk space at all and if you get a good quality 12" you won't be disappointed.
  6. As the above Blades have said, one is really enough.

    At first.

    I have a single 12 in a ported box in my trunk. Trunk space has been severely limited lol but it's a BIG box. Now I'm looking to add another sub and have a fiberglass box built in place of my rear seat. Now, that's a bit on the "extreme" modification side of things and I really don't recommend doing anything like that unless you know you can sacrifice space.

    Just try one sub at first and a GOOD amp. I really can't stress that enough, you want a good solid amplifier to power your sub and a good box built for it. Don't buy a prefab box.
  7. Thanks for the input guys I've decided to just get 1. It's a ford taurus.
  8. Check out a company called Sundown audio. One of their mid range twelves will sound a lot better than two twelves from a cheaper more popular brand. I think you can get a single twelve from them for about $100-$150 and that should leave you plenty left over for an box.
  9. Thanks man I'll check them out.
  10. Forgot to mention. Supposedly there subs are rated for lower max watts then what they can handle. The maker did that so if you dont have to much knowledge of subs you wont blow them with the wrong amp. I have heard guys running twelves that say 600 watt max for both running on 1200 watts just fine.
  11. Definitely check out sundown like JPR said. Companies like that are the real deal. They put out quality and test their products immensely and are without a doubt leaps and bounds better than mainstream brands like Kicker, Alpine and others along those lines. Also do yourself a favor and join, and Lots to learn on there and heaps of quality stuff for sale at great prices.

    As for the question about how many subs or how big. If you're only used mainstream car audio brands then look at it this way, those are overrated and 2 12s from those companies may only be a tad bit louder or as loud as a single 15 or even single 12 from these other legit companies that I speak of. I had a single 10" DC Lvl 4 rated at 1000rms and it begged for more power and people who were used to stuff like kicker and alpine always thought that it was a 12 or more. That only barely covers loudness, sound quality is a whole different thing i can talk your ear off about...But yeah just some examples for you, I'll stop there before I hurt anyone's feelings lol
  12. Gotta throw out Digital Designs as well. On par with sundown, DC, and Fi
  13. Love Fi there really worth a look
  14. I totally agree with highonblunts, I have 1 12" fi bl in my hatchback and is pretty loud. Not obnoxious to the point where you can hear it a mile away but supper deep and clean bass. A lot of my friends say its the best system they've heard.louder than other peoples 2 12 s that are lower quality brands.
  15. Yeah it is. I have 1 L5 12' kicker in my trunk hooked up to a 1 channel 1000 watt amp and it goes alot louder than is comfortable for most people sitting in my backseat.
  16. I have two twelves, p1s paired with a 1000 watt xplod amp. It sounds very nice, the bass is deep and clear but it can hit hard and make my ride rattle if I want it to. Got the whole setup, box and all for $130 from a buddy. I'd say go for two twelves, I know that a single port 12 can sound great but you get a lot more flexibility with two. Like when you got a song with a great bass to it, you wanna amp it up; a single 12 just won't be making your eyeballs vibrate like two could.
  17. Don't get a 12 man get a 10 or maybe 2. I have 1 10 in a nice ported box and it fuckin kicks! If you're not looking for brain shaking bass 12 are a little big they have that great low bass but in my opinion 10's sound 'cleaner'.

    My box, sub, amp, wiring kit and instal ran me $300.

    Remember, it's all about the box!
  18. Thats not even close to true the sub in my car a Fi Q powered by a bit off 1500watts rms from a sundown audio amp will blow most 2 or even 3 sub setups away. Its louder an much cleaner sound then most other subs as well.

    1 good sub over 2 cheap ones imo will always sound better.
  19. What kinda vehicle is this in? You gotta be taxing your alternator to no end.
  20. I really don't like to diss on peoples setups without hearing them first but from experience, Kicker is garbage.

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