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    I'm sure you have at least heard about it, what are your opinions blades?

    I agree with John Boehner. He said that people should be going to jail, not just resigning.

    The new forums won't let me capitalize an entire word in a title because it thinks I'm yelling? Wtf
  2. Yeah I definitely believe laws were broken and people should have to answer for their actions. Equally concerning to me however is the whitehouse wiretapping scandal. The fact that they were actively monitoring and recording press phone conversations and then not allowing back members of the media that were sharing information that didn't paint the administration in a favorable light is actually pretty disturbing to me. All this from what was promised to be the most transparent administration in history. I see know way in which the Watergate Scandal was worse than this one.
  3. I agree, both are pretty unsettling. Resignations are bullshit for the people up top.

    Oh you don't have to work, and before you leave you get a paycheck in the millions so you're set for life? Boo hoo :rolleyes:
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    Boehner should go to jail too for criminal negligence as an active member of Congress, he's just mad because it was his side of the mob targeted by the other side this time.  :rolleyes: We should be hanging all of these guys by their toes in front of the capitol, but my fellow Americans are too busy watching Duck Dynasty and going to church to care.
    Should the firefighters that can't get through blocks upon blocks of gridlock traffic to get to a fire before the entire building burns down get fired?
  6. I never said I agree with his views, only what he said on this specific issue.

    But yes, most people are too absorbed in their TV and Twitter accounts to even give matters like these any thought. Trying to have a discussion about politics with people my age is painful.
  7. No.  :confused_2: Why would they be? What a stupid, irrelevant question.
  8. I mean if the entire house burns down because the firefighters decided to ignore the fire or set it off as something that wasn't urgent, then ya I would hope so
    My point is that any one member of congress on any one issue could know exactly what needs to be done to provide the best solution but even if they did have this knowledge it is still essentially impossible that they actually see this perfect solution implemented. The way the system functions there are so many roadblocks to actually doing anything that by the time any action is taken the issue it is meant to address has been left to worsen and build upon itself for an extended period of time and the action that is ultimately taken is not anything close to what action was originally proposed but is instead a grossly deformed mutation of it that has been passed through Congress and has had all kinds of bullshit tacked on to it and in many cases has had its essential features stripped down to the point that the action's effectiveness is nowhere near what it needs to be.
    I'm not endorsing any party or candidate here. I'm just saying they really can't do shit without going through a long, exhausting process of passing legislation, and by the time they actually get something passed it's been butchered and doctored up to the point that it doesn't even really meet the needs of the problem at hand. I don't think Boehner or any other individual Congress member is guilty of gross negligence. I think the legislative process needs to be altered significantly before we can expect Congress to be effective in addressing the issues at hand.
  10. I feel like you missed the point I was actually trying to make and are now trying to derail this thread. I agree that there are flaws with our system itself, but I don't agree people like Boehner are powerless to address them and aren't making them worse by ignoring them, but this thread isn't about Congress or whether or not they should be tried for gross negligence. lol
  11. I never implied you agreed with him, I was just saying it's ridiculous for him to condemn partisanship when it's pretty much the foundation of his entire career. lol
    There's a stark difference between partisanship within Congressional bodies and the political system itself and partisanship as a basis for determining whose taxes need to be audited.
    Both have negative consequences but one's just consequence is serving time while the other's is not being re-elected. Hopefully the justice system is more effective than american voters at holding people responsible for their actions.
  13. I don't see any drunk bitches making out with famous people I came here for a scandal and you failed to deliver 
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    Not in the sense I was referring to them. lol There is no difference because the root problem is the same for both; corruption within the outdated two-party system. It's time to recognize the obsolescence of the justification behind the system, which favors certain groups over others and completely locks out grassroots campaigns, and do away with these moronic partisan leaders who don't seem to know much of how to do anything other than regurgitate the rhetoric of those who line their pockets. The problem is that these corrupt politicians are the ones who would have to initiate such a change, something which just happens to be in direct conflict with their personal interests :rolleyes: , hence why I think they're criminals.
  15. I can agree with this for the most part. I just don't think they're all criminals. I think mainly they're ineffective leaders that need to be removed from their positions and replaced with somebody else. I don't think they deserve to be deprived of their freedom, I just thinkthey shouldn't be ruling our country.

    Although there are certainly members of congress that belong behind bars. We can't even begin to imagine some of the shit these people are getting away with.
  16. All that shit sucks ass, but how the ffuuuck did obama get re-elected???
  17. I hope this is satire. Otherwise you really need to sort out your priorities.
  18. [​IMG]
    Magic is also what clouded his knowledge of things surrounding this event... ;)
  19. you failed to read
  20. Ahhaha is that Lebouf

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