Irrie reggae- STICK FIGURE

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  1. Stickfigure is an amazing band that is great to listen to stoned or sober. Just want to give this band some credit and spread the word. Check them out! You honestly wont regret it!
  2. Its one dude that does everything in studio. Well the first 3 albums I think, I'm not sure about Reprise Sessions

    this shit is chill as fuck music.

    [ame=]Stick Figure - Hawaii Song - YouTube[/ame]

    My favorite :

    [ame=]Stick Figure - Fight The Feeling - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Yeah he still has a band tho when he tours: Scott Woodruff is the man behind stick
  4. btw, that's how you should've made the initial post. Include a dam link noob :smoke:
  5. Well did u like it at least? Lol^

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