Irresponsible with cid

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  1. So I had a weird premonition today, I was daydreaming, dozing off when I was somewhat conscious I was in my friends house with 3 people, my friend E, Em, and some random ass kid I dont even know, but I went to the bathroom and the phone rang, and we found out my friend A was arrested.
    That woke me like right the fuck up because the night before I hooked my friend A up with a guy that she could get cid from, I was there when it went down, everything. She bought like 10 tabs and her and like 4 other people decide to go tripping face throughout the night on some supposedly haunted road.
    Well like an hour ago I hear from my friend E, he tells me A got arrested today. here's how A and 4 other of my friends get like citations and shit:
    A's boyfriend is on vacation at the beach so she called him up and asked him if they could all just go over to his house cause they were all trippin, he says it's okay but I guess he didn't ask his parents because the next morning A's boyfriend's Grandma comes and sees theres a car there and calls his parents, his parents call the police and then the police show up at the house. So A, C, S, Em, and K all get citations but they gave it to K to hold onto or something? I don't know. But now I'm just worried one of them will rat out my manz and fuck shit up because they were irresponsible!
    This shit just pisses me off though, because I used to be really good friends with A and its like shes just hanging out with all those people who don't give a shit and she's been getting into trouble along with all of them.
    I dont know how many tabs were left, maybe less than three so what charges do you think my friend K could get?
  2. Did they find lsd on her?
  3. they just found the lsd on my boy K
  4. Was there alot left or just a personal amount?
  5. even if they do rat you're still safe, dont stress it hun, and if you get questioned "you dont know nothin"
  6. if you get questioned the only thing you should say is "am i being detained or am i free to go?"

    and if you are being detained(which almost certainly won't happen), the next words out of your mouth should be "i won't answer any questions without my lawyer present."
  7. I dont know, there was probably like 1 or 2 tabs on him.
    yea thats what im thinking, deny deny denyyy
  8. duuuude im really tryingto figure out like whats going to happen to my boy K like hes a good kid and shit. What are the consequences of havign cid in PA?
  9. Ouch, getting caught with acid is much worse than pot. It's a narcotic. Where I'm from you can get life for selling it.
  10. Ahh there was a question in there.

    Worse case senario for your friend if he has a clean record right now is probation. Maybe some court ordered counceling or substance abuse classes.
  11. alright thanks yea it was his first offense =]
  12. Acutally LSD or d-lysergic acid diethylamide is a Psychedelic not a narcotic and is the standard at which all other psychedelics are compared. With all do respect.:D
  13. Alright so he got questioned and he either needs to tell themw here he got it by Wednesday
    Or go to jail for two years.
    I think they questioned him without a lawyer and shit, but it is his fist offense and everything and they're trying to send him away for 2 years?!
    What do you think he should do?
  14. if he had 1 or 2 hits and a cop was gonna search him... he should have eaten them
  15. LMFAO @ LegitBaller goin' for teh hit!
  16. Plead the 5th until he gets a lawyer!

  17. ur right, but by government classification its up there on the schedule with heroin n coke n shit, so its basically a narcotics level charge
  18. People around have been talking and so this kid knows who it came from because the two people that came with me to get it I guess told him, and me and the guy he got it from are really close. I don't want any people I care about getting fucked over. I really think he should suck it up and keep his mouth shut, but I don't think he will because he doesn't want to go to jail for two years.
    He really needs a lawyer but... I talked to him and he said he didn't want to get his parents involved, which is so stupid because hes going to go to jail, but I think he's going to go either way. I don't want my man involved with this.

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