irrational fears present ONLY when stoned

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  1. well i was just reading nushie's funny giant fucking bug thread and it reminded me of a few past incidents.

    during a lovely walk through these small woods with my boyfriend (both baked, of course) we stumble upon a dilapitated little fort made of wooden posts and flat wooden boards. it had spray painted on it JOHNNY - KYLE SEPT 1990. wow, pretty fucking old, we decided to toke another few bowls in it. a few hits into it, i took notice of the little crawly things all around us. i found the airborne ones particularly unsettling.

    alright, sober and on acid, i think tiny creatures like bugs are fascinating little things. i watch spiders spin webs with my face up close, i feed roaches, bugs are jus coo especially the way they look (except mosquitos, those little bitches fuck my shit RIGHT UP). stoned, for some reason i'm horribly afraid of my bug friends, especially ones buzzing around my head.

    on with the story!
    charles left to piss. i thought, "oh no! the only thing keeping me safe from the bugs is gone!" hahaha
    then i guess the fear completely encompassed my mind, i started to hear (now i know i was just *thinking* i heard) the sound of termites chewing through the wood of the fort. i even heard faint chirping sounds and in my mind that was the termites communicating with each other. :laughing:

    then i see a huge ass wasp fly by. i felt my heart beating hard as fuck! i eyed it's every move, if that motherfucker flew towards me i was gonna run the fuck out of there. fuck the weed and the pipe i didn't want it to sting my ass :laughing:

    mosquitos buzzing like bees close to my ears freaked me out, images were popping in my head of the wood collasping on me and dousing me with it's termite inhabitants, this evil wasp just wanted to sting me, i fuckin screamed and ran out of the fort. haha, screamed. (keep in mind this is all taking place in a time span of around 45 seconds, that's how fast the fear escalated) i ran looking for charles but i didn't see him! i tried to stay on the path but it's a really shitty path, barely visible, so of course i get lost. i'm clawing my way through all these vines and branches all the while hearing scary ass noises and i'm just sinking deeper and deeper into this mad fear. i see a bug that looked like a feinding demon dragon fly and it's big and right in front of my fucking face. and i scream again. it flies off then all the sudden i feel something in my hair and i'm thinking "holy fuck it flew into my hair!!" but i'm too scared to even swat it away so it stays there ahaha

    i end up runing all the way out of the woods, to the side of the owner's house (owner of the woods). i flip thinking the people in house were going to call the cops because there are no trespassing signs. i run down the long gravel driveway to the street because the opening into the woods is facing the street. i reluctantly enter the woods again and find charles a minute later. i can see he's a bit confused about why i left the fort so i say there was a bunch of wasps :rolleyes: he reaches toward my head and i feel relieved that he's going to remove the bug for me. then he holds up a tiny twig and goes "hey man you had a twig in your hair." :laughing: then we went to get ice cream :)

    i have another one about me running from a parked car because i thought it was coming at me (well the fuckin headlights were on..) but this post is long enough as it is:eek:

    alright so, i'm real curious. do any of you guys have some mad irrational fears like mine? like i can be sober and say, "oh well hey there's a little bee over there" but if i am stoned it's, ":eek: HOLY FUCKIN SHIT i gotta get out of here there's a bee:eek: " i'm talking about fears like that.
  2. i'm only freaked out walking to my car at night when i'm baked.

    i'm looking all over and freaking out at noises.

    don't know why though, but it happens every time.
  3. Um last night there was a june bug on my bed.
  4. ooh, you talking about the june bug reminds me of something my gf's cat did a few days ago.

    when we smoke at my gf's house, we have to put a blanket infront of the door and open a window. not a whole lot of work, and then we can just sit down and smoke as much as we want.

    my girlfriend has 4 mindows in her room and only 1 has a screen. but we had 3 open.

    so a june bug flies in one of the open ones and the cat lept into the air and swatted it down. it got back up and the cat just pawed at the bug for a minute or 2 and then just killed it and walked away.

    2 or 3 more flew in and met the same fate.

    it was like animal gladiator.
  5. Lol those things are huge man.. I was trying to get my dog to eat it or something but she was just lookin at me.. not doing anything

  6. haha did you get scurred?

    i woulda been scurred.
  7. Yes considering I was on the bed and didnt notice until it touched me with his pinchers :eek:
  8. it touched you!? goodness that's scurry.
  9. Are they bad in your area compared to previous years? they're all over here at night, and they normally don't get bad around here.
  10. i hate sticks that lay in grass, when im high, they look like fucking snakes and little alligators and shit.
  11. Balloons..I HATE BALLOONS. i think it's the anticapation that they might pop,OHH and the sound it makes when you rub your hands agianst them. i'm alright if there like 20 feet away but any closer makes me extremly uneasy. ick i hate balloons.
  12. Hell yeah, they're everywhere.. usually they are but there is a good amount this year :(
  13. When I'm high and riding in a car and there is the smallest bump or something I start thinking the floor board is going to fall out ... and then the seats and everything are just going to collapse to the ground ... I haven't freaked out about that in a while though ... I'm starting to get over it:p

    ... oh and just to add it's not a junky car or anything like that ... it doesn't matter what car I always think of that movie where the girl has a baby in Walmart I think it's called Where the Heart Is --- You know how there is a hole in the floorboard and her shoes fall through? (That's why she stopped at Walmart) Yeah I think that started it all ...
  14. Hahaha, your imagination makes me laugh SoJE.

    I think were so afraid of bugs because theyre numerous and theyre tiny.
    Im sorta afraid of bugs, the same kinda irrational fear hit me when i was fishing, I was creeped out and my dad left me on this rock by the creek, and I coulda sworn this 7 inch long worm that was all pale and shit fell onto my sweater, it looked like a tapeworm, so i booked it :D it was probably a twig or something though.
  15. man the only real thing that flips me out high are the cops, those bastards are the biggest insects of them all, can you imagine one of those flying in through your window?
  16. Im always paranoid about getting caught, but its save me and my friends quite a few times. One time we saw a cop come and search where we were and another was just some people bitchin at these other kids smoking next to us lol.
  17. Fucking hate june bugs. They are huge.

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