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  1. So a few days ago, I came across some Christian sign holders. The message they were putting out was "be saved, or be burned for eternity." Typical, right?
    A thought then came to me about how ironic it is that they warn people about hell, when infact they are already in a hell for themselves while they are alive!
    Think about it; in their window of reality, the majority of souls they see everyday are doomed for eternal suffering. Their supposed obligation is to spend their lifetime warning people about this...all while having limits upons limits for themselves. For them, basically everything that is not rooted in their mentality is a product of Satan, and something to be avoided.
    It's metaphorically like being trapped in a small box, with all your limbs tied up.

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    Good point.
    The fact is, by being against something, by seeing others as something they cannot accept, they perpetuate that very reality for them, so that they have to keep on resisting it. They don't realise they make it real by the way they are. You are therefore right. Because they constantly judge others lest they go to hell, they have no choice but to live a life of resistance while they tell everyone else how wrong they are.
  3. They don't even see how they make their own lives hell..... they don't see that this is hell....

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