Iron deficiency?

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  1. Is this an iron deficiency? I foliar sprayed yesterday and a few days ago. I fed nutrients yesterday. This has been going on for over a week now. It’s not fixing it’s self. I’m doing everything I can. Could it be something different? How long does it usually take for an iron deficiency to fully recover? Any help appreciated! Thanks.

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  2. What problem do you think you have?
    They look fine to me.
    Possibly a bit of over feeding, but it's hard to tell with blurple light.
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  3. There has been no vertical grow in the last week what so ever. This plant has been wasting resources for the last week. I’m thinking this is iron deficiency cuz looks exactly like an iron deficiency. New growth is f--ck-d up, and not growing.
  4. It only looks like that because you're looking at it with blurple though right? Can you get a pic with natural/white light, otherwise people will just be guessing.
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  5. It's a Purple Proficiency.
  6. Looks a bit different under natural light. Wasn’t expecting that.

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  8. Have you checked PH? Also it could be light burn...
  9. Do not chase deficiencies, but do consider using CalMag.
    Any good fertilizer, correctly used, should not produce any deficiencies.
    A good fertilizer, wrongly used (usually too much) can produce deficiencies because too much of one element can reduce absorption of other elements.

    Your plant looks great.
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  10. pH I checked, but couldn’t tell if it was 6 or 4. Run-off water comes out yellow, so it affects the accuracy of the pH strips.

    I’m sure the pH is on the 6 side because few weeks ago I did this same mistake and I flushed, and did bunch of other things to raise soil ph to find out the pH wasn’t the issue.

    First off thank you. ^

    Idk if this could be the cause or not but let’s say it’s recommends 3ml/L for one of the nutrients. I use ml/L but I have measuring spoons that are in imperial and so I probably always end up adding a bit more of one thing then the other since I have to measure off 0.5ml from my head. (1/2 tps = 2.5 ml)

    Happens with every nutrient because the measurements in metric don’t directly convert into imperial in this situation.
  11. So what might be the problem? I’m doing everything right as far as i can tell. Still not fixing it self
  12. I repeat, I don't think you have a problem.
    Plants look good to me.
    Be on the lookout for orange leaf tips caused by over-feeding, and you'll be fine.
    Some plants decide to not grow for awhile, but they are probably doing a lot behind the scenes.
  13. Okay, but then why are the new leaves not growing and have deformed shape?
  14. Whenever I have a issue I cannot figure out like this - I raise the light if it is close - and flush for a week then start the nutes over again
  15. Get yourself a pipette for measuring - they are cheap and way more accurate
    Here is an ebay link to the one I use
    Graduated Medicine Glass Droppers 10ml Transfer Pipet Pipette 8" with Scale 696950786004 | eBay
  16. I like the idea, but a week without nutrients..doesn’t that cause more problems?
  17. Never did in mine - I would let the soil get almost dry then water with tap only came out to like 3 times in a week - then the new growth looked much better - I slowly added the nutes back in
    now I use canna nutes and never have any issues
  18. Wow okay. I will try that and see how it goes.
    And after a week of flushing, I feed with lower strength nutrient solution, am i right? Or should I add the recommended max dose for veg, like I normally do?
  19. GO back low and slow - increase over a few feedings and watch them
  20. I wouldn't flush personally as I dont think your issue is a deficiency of any kind, only slight issue I can see are the serated leaf edges turning up and some slightly twisted leaves on the new growth which is caused by your environment, what are your temps, rh and how close is your light?

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