Iraq war and freedom

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  1. how is the war in iraq about protecting "american freedom" last time i checked the country of iraq doesnt want to take away our freedoms at all, so why do people keep sayin the war is protecting my freedom? I understand helping the iraq people out of dictatorship but why does the government keep saying our freedoms are being threatended when there not?
  2. Well, first of all, don't believe everything the Government tells you, especially in areas of rampant corruption such as funding and justifying wars.

    As far as protecting our Freedom, the first Gulf war was all about protecting our oil sources. Can't really have much "freedom" in our country to do what we want or need to if we don't have any of the precious "go-go" juice.

    This war was obviously stemmed from the 9/11 attacks, and at this point, it doesn't have to do with protecting our Freedoms as much as it did, but with Iran chucking an iron into the Freedom fire with a potential nuclear capability, I only see us checking out of one shithole to go fight in another shithole.

    Who or why are we fighting? Well, one could say that we oppose anyone who opposes us or our beliefs, which is pretty arrogant, but in reality it probably has more to do with rampant corruption. Gotta find reasons to fund wars and keep jobs/money flowing.

    Sometimes I wish we would not consider ourselves the Global Police force.
  3. wat r u talking about dood? we r over there 2 fight 4 world peace & freedumb! thats y we gotta kill all of them over there, they r not kool with us trying to help them out lol. ya i no its a bit weird how every1 doesnt like wat the US does, i mean, were just trying 2 help ppl wats wrong with that?? so wat if a few people here n there die, its worth it bcuz these ppl r gonna hve FREEDOMS soon! theyre gonna be able 2 pick between restaurants like burger king and mcdonalds so ya i rly think they owe us a big thank you, especially when it comes to wat kind of medicine we give them, i mean rly, how can any 1 h8 us 4 that? we give these ppl our MEDICINE ffs we r obviously trying 2 help them out but they r 2 busy trying 2 defend their homes and families.

    stupid tarrorists lol. they shud just give up n accept the freedom we force on them. but they shudnt b free 2 carry guns otherwise they r tarrorism ists, oh nd we shud also kill their kids 2 b4 they grow up 2 b suicide bombars bcuz thats wat they r best known 4!

    /end neo-con retard-rant

    What a lot of people don't understand is that we've been fucking with the Middle-East for a looooong time now. A very long time. But it's "old", so it's "irrelevant", and a lot of people don't factor in what has been going in into what is going on. So come 9/11, a large majority of people thought some random dude chillin in a cave decided to attack the US for shits and giggles, now we gotta go in and occupy every country in the area and kill as many civilians as possible! :rolleyes:

    Yeah, 9/11 was an excuse to publicize the Middle-Eastern destabilization we've been trying to achieve for a long time now. And it was a good way to get our military involved; that way we can send them overseas to deal with "terrorism" while the real acts of terrorism are rooted in domestic affairs.
  4. I, for one, blame Woodrow Wilson.

  5. Think opposite and you got a good start..
  6. The war in Iraq and afgan have nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with power and money. Same old story. Letting me smoke a God given plant would be a nice step toward some freedom though.
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