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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by d2000, May 12, 2004.

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  1. how does everyone feel about the beheading of that young american gentleman, taking into consideration what the american forces did to iraqi prisoners?
  2. Considering I\'ve seen the video, I find it to be sick. I\'m extremely, extremely disgusted with humanity right now. I always have been to a certain extent, but it\'s getting worse as this war goes on. What the US Soldiers did to those iraqi prisoners wasn\'t right. What those Iraqi\'s did to that American, wasn\'t right either. Nor could you ever justify such a barbaric action. I do not believe in killing except in self-defense. That guy was tied up and defenseless. With 5 iraqi\'s holding AK\'s and however many more behind the camera. It was the act of cowards. From what I understand, the guy wasn\'t even a soldier. The sooner we get the Iraq Government back to it\'s people the better off Iraq and America will be. As far as this war is concerned I only believe in one aspect of it, taking Saddam out of power. Installing a Democratic Government in the middle east is foolish. They are people of a completely different culture. Middle Eastern Governments are often based on religious teachings of the country. Whether it be Muslim, or Judism. Democracy in many respects destroys that idea, and offends many Middle Eastern natives. Just what we fuckin need, right? Continuing this war will cause many more actions like this from Muslim and iraqi extremeists. Get used to it.

    Here\'s a quote that helps describe our situation at the moment. It\'s from the movie The Usual Suspects
    \"They realized that to be in power you didn\'t need guns or money or even numbers. You just needed the will to do what the other guy wouldn\'t.\"

    The people we are fighting in Iraq do not fear us. The people we are fighting will go to any length to win. They will kill American soldiers, civilians and allies.

    And we in time will kill their soldiers, civilians, and allies. We just view ourselves as the good guys. So where is the line to be drawn?
  3. Very very wrong.

    Both sides.
  4. ^^^i couldnt agree more.
  5. I think all of it is wrong... From day one of the war.
  6. People here (grasscity) are much more reasonable than those I\'ve seen in other forums. After news of the decapitation reached this other place I go to it was filled with posts stating things like \"we need to bomb the whole middle east\" or \"let\'s just get a nuke and turn Iraq into glass\". I just don\'t understand this deplorable thinking on both sides of the war. You simply don\'t attack innocent people to get your way.

    I do agree that something drastic must be done to solve the problems with the mid-east though, not by dropping the biggest bomb, however. What the western world needs to do is get it\'s own shit together so that everyone has what they need and then we\'ll send all of our extra food, computers and air conditioners over there. Let\'s see them hate us when they aren\'t starving and hot, and they can talk to us directly through the internet.
  7. I agree with mustard that \"Installing a Democratic Government in the middle east is foolish. They are people of a completely different culture.\" What people have to understand is that they are not like us and that they don\'t want to be like us. They have their own way of runnin shit and we can\'t just impose our beliefs on them like that.

    As far as cuttin the dude\'s head, pretty messed up.
    What the american soldiers did, just as bad.

    I laughed when our politicians called the iraqi\'s barbaric for doing this, because what the americans did there is no less barbaric. both sides are pretty fucked up.
  8. Not my problem.
  9. I just viewed the video. It\'s disgusting. Those five punks standing behind Mr. Nick Berg are cowards. And they should all be hunted like vicious animals. All my prayers go to Mr. Berg\'s family. May the Lord be with them.
  10. ive seen some sick shit online and none of it has phased me at all. after watching that video tho, i was extremely angry and wanted to hurt someone for about 15 minutes, but then i realized that stuff like this is fairly common in those countries and it probably won\'t stop anytime soon. now i just feel sad for them.

    anyone else wanna pool our money together and buy an island? we can grow our own food (and weed of course) and just enjoy life in a relaxed atmosphere. we can call the islands capital... ready for this... GrassCity ;)

  11. How do I feel about savages murdering an American citizen that was just there to help rebuild their cities?

    Lets just say that for a while now my feelings of hatred were fading. But after seeing that video, I will now cheer the death of all Iraqis. Fuck em all. Whatever happens from here on, they asked for it.

    And don\'t even try to compare a beheading to whatever happened to Iraqi POWs.

  12. In many respects I understand how you feel. Like KraziHare said about just droppin a nuke on em, I\'ve said shit like that. Considering our leasure of life it wouldn\'t effect most of us if we did just nuke all the middle eastern countries. It\'s not the right thing to do though.

    I don\'t believe the \'terrorists\' will ever surrender. These people have a desire to be martyrs. I find them to be very similar to the Japanese. And I\'m sure you guys remember what we did to make the Japanese surrender. We dropped the atomic bomb on them. After the first bomb dropped their reply was \"We would rather eat dirt than surrender.\" It took two bombs in two major cities and millions dead for them to surrender. Their society told them to never give up, never surrender, kill yourself so you won\'t be captured. Now, these were people concintrated on one island, people ruled by a Government. But now, you got the \'terrorists\'. They are not ruled by a Government. They are ruled by a blantant misread of the Qur\'an. Even if we kill/capture Osama, I\'ll bet two more leaders will appear to replace him. And they may be more vicious than he is. These are people scattered across the world, not concintrated on an island. A nuke would only do so much damage.

    So it makes me wonder, how do you fight an enemy who wants to die? How do you fight an enemy that is international? An enemy that has many faces, and no uniform. If the \"war on terrorism\" is won in my lifetime I will be extremely suprised.

    Also, I agree, don\'t try to compare the beheading to what happen to the POW\'s. Sure what happened to them was degrading, it wasn\'t right, it shouldn\'t of happened. But no one died directly from the incident. Indirectly however, you could say it cost Mr. Berg his life. But I\'m sure if it hadn\'t happened, something similar would have happened anyway.
  13. could somebody please post a link to the story? maybe one with the edited video? i havn\'t had a chance to read the story in its entirity.
  14. All is fair in love and war

    He knew the inherent dangers in working in Iraq, we provoked them, everyone fucked up badly.

    on a lighter note, GW and some terrorists should spark a bowl and hae a chat over a movie, how politics could be soled then


  15. my bad we as a 1st world country live by the GENEVA CONVENTION, used to persecute nazis for their war crimes


  16. For one thing budhead thanks for posting that link I have not seen the full video intil now.

    The fact is we wrong them, they wrong us, it is a vicious cycle, and for ever said he wanted to kill all Iriaqis, shut up man you would be pissed as hell if someone said he wanted to kill all rightwingists americans.

    And the Pow thing is sick, and so is that beheading.

    P.S I am not tryin to piss people off, but talk of genocide in a positive light pisses the fuck out of me.
  17. im someone who\'s a little queasy. should i watch it? it it worth it? ugh im curious but...

    edit: i watched until he grabbed the guys hair and then i had to stop it

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