Iran wants war..

Discussion in 'General' started by dotgif, Mar 13, 2012.

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    [Misleading title, eh?]

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  3. Rock scissors papers?
  4. Bahahaha fucking laughed my ass off :D
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  6. Its sad cause most of that shit is just desert..
  7. was great, well is great! love it haha

  8. Fact or assumption? From what I know it's not..

  9. I think he's being sarcastic or something :confused:
  10. Can you use it in a sentence?
  11. What do you mean ??

    and oh shit my dog just farted my eyes are burning :mad:
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  14. Please turn this into a funny pictures with words thread, and add some politics to it! Thanks :Deaidhueoahd2901hd :D)
  15. [quote name='"dotgif"']

    Fact or assumption? From what I know it's not..[/quote]

    You know little.
  16. ahmendinjad knows that a war with the US would quite literally mean death for him and his cronies, so he doesnt want war. he just wants the world to think he wants war. he just wants the world to think he has a nuke. which he doesnt. the longer he keeps the world in fear, the longer he stays in power. no fear, no chance of war, and the iranian people will revolt egypt style.

    our government and our political pundits want war cus money for the weapons contractors means money for politicians, and war means money for cable news. also, i suspect iran fears isreal, which has just as much irrational hatred for iran as iran has for isreal. its all bullshit. no one in this whole theatre is telling the truth or being sincere about their intentions. fuck them all.
  17. what is iran? a ketchup bottle?

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