Iran can prove Bin Laden was dead long before US raid – Iranian minister

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  1. Iran can prove Bin Laden was dead long before US raid
  2. If they can prove it, why don't they?
  3. Hurry up Iran before we bomb you! :(
  4. Because when you have information like that and you're as evil as Iran, you don't just give out information of that caliber out for free. You use it as leverage to get what you want.
  5. Seems pretty foolish as that kind of information would do exactly what they would want, discredit the US government and show them to be liars and frauds. Why would that be held back? I'm pretty sure they'd be showing the masses, rallying people up by now if it were true, but what do I know....

  6. The US Gov does a great job on their own in doing that. :smoke:
  7. But on the other hand, if they do know and don't prove it, they have complete control over the Obama administration. They want to continue their nuke plans without bother? This will make it simple for them.

    Obama would do whatever it takes to not have that sort of information come out. It would completely discredit him, destroy his chances for reelection, and probably get him impeached. He will bend over backwards for Iran if they can actually prove it.
  8. lets all move to iran and pledge our allegiance to them!

    im sooo happy they finally showed our govt to be corrupt.
  9. Or bomb them, like Iraq - Libya or anywhere else that causes "trouble" for us, and our US Dollar. ;)
  10. Iran is being a troll

    they just want to stir up anti US sentiment

    if you ask me, The US would be absolutly stupid not to mention how strategicly irrational it is to pretend to shit on pakistans soverinity for anything other then to get Osama, they are vital to our goals in that region

    Iran will say almost anything to get international attenion, they have always been like that​
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    if they had proof they would have shown it by now..

    and if they do show it, it will be denied by the US and therefore false anyway.

    the mainstream media either wouldn't be allowed to show it, or they'd mock it.. leaving places like infowars to show it..
  12. Wikileaks would have released information on bin laden's death if it had happened a long time ago.

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