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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rampage23, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. I came to realize that my hearing is way more better when im blowed. For example i was listening the new linkin park song the catalyst, the first few times i heard it the only thing i could hear was when Chester sings the chrous God bless us everyone we're a broken people living under loaded gun but yesterday it was different its like i payed more attention to the the lyrics and what they actually saying so is kinda amazed when i heard the entire song it sounded totally new to me, there was parts of the song that i never even heard. when chester sang will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns i was like whoa wtf. So im just wondering does music sound different to you when your high?
  2. listening music whilst enjoying weed is amazing

    linkin park's new album sucks ass though:poke:
  3. Weed makes everything better, you obviously know this if u blaze. Linkin Park has gone downhill. Chester has a sweet scream but he is a bitch and doesnt have any heavy songs anymore.
  4. yea alot of people dont like their new album
  5. linkin park...seriously
  6. Its weird you here things in the backround of the music. Like little beats and the bass guitar.
  7. Of course they don't.
  8. Weed + ipod + porn + chips = :yay:
  9. Everything's better when you're high, especially music. I listen to technical music and it's cool breaking it all down.
  10. hell yea, you never noticed it before until u listened it while u were high
  11. Pretty sure thats mike who sings that but hey, who knows.
  12. I find I get totally lost in a specific part of the song. Like the drums, or a riff or a bass line.
  13. Oh HELL YES! I love getting lost in electronic trance chill beats with headphones on:cool: Just close my eyes and enjoy the ride!

  14. hahahaha
  15. I absolutely love getting high and walking to school with my ipod in. I jammmmm.
  16. Hahahahahaha!!:hello:
  17. phish + weed = good times
  18. [ame=]YouTube - Heiruspecs - Marching Orders[/ame] + weed = :love:
  19. Yeah weed pretty much makes everything better, and music is at the very top of that list.

    I think it makes music better because when we're high we hear so much more of the song...instead of listening to the song as a whole, we are able to hear all the layers.

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