Iphone Wifi help!!

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by tonyhimselff, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. So my GF got a brand new iphone 4 and got it unlocked for T-Mobile.

    It works fine except for the fact that its not picking up my houses wifi signal at all. It doesnt even show in the Networks. It picks up Wifi signals at other places like the hospital and stuff, but just not my houses.

    I know its not my Wifi because my laptop and Iphone 4s pick up the signal just fine.

    Any suggestions?
  2. did you try reseting the router & modem?
  3. Use iTunes to backup and restore the phone.

    If that doesn't work, take it to Apple for an exchange.
  4. Yeah I reset my router and everything do connected except her phone.

    And i don't think it's a hardware issue with her phone because it picks up other wifi signals, just not my houses.

    Does she need a receipt to take it to the apple store?
  5. Honestly I think the software restore will fix it. But if not it must be some sort of phone problem. The fact that your 4S can join the network basically rules out the network as a factor.

    Not sure, sorry. :confused:
  6. Ill try the restore tomorrow and see I it works , thanks for the info
  7. I did the same thing, I bought an iPhone 4s off my buddy knowing the wifi didn't work. It hadn't been a year since he purchased it, so it was still under Apple's warranty.

    Sent that bitch in, got a "brand new" one in a week or so.

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