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  1. Id like iphone users to get their 2 cents in.
    Why exactly pick an iphone over an android?
    I've not yet come across one reason I can't refute and Id really like to hear something I don't know.

    You know, besides " im a simpleton and ios is simple"
  2. Iphones sucks.
  3. I always used android until 6 months ago and then got an iPhone. Haven't really noticed much difference but it is easier to use and the os just works better in general. Tbh I couldn't give a fuck which one I had to use because either way it's just a phone hah

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  4. Well I have never had any issues with anything apple. Why risk changing companies. My mom had an issue with her iphone and they mailed her a new phone in a couple days. Is that ok, or do I have to get the phone you like better?

    I also like that I can iMessage from the computer and it will automatically update the messages in my phone too.

    I'm not saying iPhones are better, it's just what I use. Why do you care so much though?

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  5. iPhone all the way (I had an Android before)

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  6. i also switched from android
    i used galaxy S 1 to 3 until i got the iphone 5s
    some reasons why i like iphone better:
    1. iphones tend to have the best CPU's and almost always post better hardware benchmarks than leading android phones
    2. apple's app store has a large selection of apps that are high quality. (android has mostly shitty apps)
    3. apple's customer support is way better than samsung
    4. apple makes it easier to integrate your ecosystem through icloud. (this functionality exists in android but is not easy to use)
    so basically it's better in hardware, software, and support. which is every way possible.
  7. As far as security goes, android is pretty much wide open. Sure it asks for your permission for new things to do stuff like windows vista but what about all those permissions you've already given.

    iOS is sandboxed, no apps can get into other apps unless certain api's are used. I don't like the fact that you don't have sudo/root permissions on an iPhone, but jail breaking fixes that. Now I KNOW my phone is secure. I even deleted a bunch of google analytics crap out of my tapatalk app. That crap tracks you. I can browse directly in safari with a built in proxy. I can download whatever I want just like android users can. Plus all the aforementioned advantages for iPhone, and a few more that I won't be mentioning thanks to repos on the cydia store. iPhone is the best anyways, but jailbreaking is the way to go IMO.
  8. Im not telling you what to use, my question was why you use it.

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  9. I just told you why I use iPhone and prefer it over android.
  10. You cannot simpily say iphone sucks or android sucks. Im here to ask the questions and refute answers given if possible. Im unbiased and am in fact the owner of the new imac and ipad 3.

    So frutality: heres where your wrong.

    Lets take the iphone 5 and the samsung galaxy s3, both 2012 headliners.

    1. The iphone 5 runs off a Apple A6 1.2 ghz dual core processor with 1gb of ram. Extremely efficient and polished.

    While the us variant of the galaxy s3 runs a qualcom snapdragon 600 1.5 ghz dual core processor with 2gb of ram.

    The galaxy s3 wins in raw power hands down. Especially if you take the international version.

    But the argument is that the iphone has much snappier, smooth interface. Which it does. This is due to the design of the limited OS, sacrificing device freedom for a bug free .

    However, I achieve at times snappier responses on my galaxy s3 than my friends iphone 5s. Why? Because I manage my device. An android device comes with much more freedom than an iphone, but as history shows "more freedom= more responsibility". And it should, my phone doesnt automatically kill apps and remove unnecessary software like an iphone. I do those things myself. And as a result pretty much destroy any iphone 5 user I come across in benchmarks.
    If your gonna drop 100s of dollars on a phone why can't you take management of it into your own hands?

    2. Apple app store is actually matched by the play store in number of apps. They both have apps that lack quality and ingenuity. And they both contain apps id like to see integrated.

    3. Androids arent all made by Samsung, customer support obviousily varies. But I can tell you I've had nothing but pleasant expierences with both. And I don't know how you can just make that claim. There are no doubt bad reps on both sides.

    4. Like I said, you gatta Take personal initiative. You bought the phone for heavens sake.

    Fyi: Samsungs cloud storage literally just asks for your account info upon setup and it auto backs up whatever you tell it to via cloud. Can't get much easier than that. Not to mention countless other cloud apps like allshare exist that you can simpily download off the play store.

    Lastly your comment about hardware is true because it is indeed more expensive to build an aluminum or glass based phone than a phone with polycarbonate and gorilla glass exteriors. This issue is easily solved by a decent case.

    However, The list of software features on the iphone is bleak conpared to any modern galaxy device ex: s beam, fm radio, face unlock, gesture navigation, gesture typing, nfc. Etc. Not to mention the gs3 mirrors all the features the iphone 5 contains anyway.

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  11. I cannot live with my ipad without the evasion jailbreak :)

    But like my post above states. Its on you to manage your device which you've clearly done. Ios is aimed at giving the user the cleanest bug free expierence possible, and that's great. But I appreciate freedom and control knowing that it's not going to void a warranty or be patched by an update. This is where jailbreaking an iphone has its disadvantages. Apple doesnt like it and they won't give you a new one if it breaks.

    I don't know why it should matter that google "can" track you. Location services exist on both devices, apple is actually notoriously known for being able to track their users within a block radius, however this isnt an issue because your info is in fact protected from release in pretty much any realistic circumstance by law. not a year ago verizons users were in an uproar over them tracking without permission. On ALL devices.

    I use a proxy to but I usually don't need it, I'm not hiding what I'm seraching from anyone.

    Besides, anything a jailbreak provides that a normal android os doesnt, a root will provide.

    Fortunately they allow everything from custom security to web based app downloading to torrenting directly from your phone to s beam to swype without system mods.

    And um, it has a faster cpu, has more ram, expandable storage, and costs 100s less.

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  12. Borborygmus,

    I dont, you dont have to get anything I think is better and I didnt ask you to.

    Im simpily asking questions, think about it.
    If one company made a smartphone and every other company went along with the same guidelines, makes, and models that the original company set. There would be nothing new, no innovation, no new way of doing things, just the same old boring thing.

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  13. Wrong. iOS is snappier and smoother because the UI was built on cocoa touch, which is pretty much Mac OS x's core UI, but with touch built in. Android was never built for touch.

    Think of it as layers. On the bottom you have your kernel, on top of that core services such as phone services, wifi services etc. on top of that the core UI, then the actual user interface. On android the touch services are not built into the core UI, they sit on top, ie: core UI, touch services, actual user interface. Thus explaining why there is inevitably a lag between the time you touch the screen and the time it takes for the device to recognize it in android devices.

    You come here to argue. I don't have time for this bullshit. Maybe if you actually knew what you were talking about I would be delighted to debate with you.

    You say you are "non biased" when your signature says you are posting from a sprint galaxy s 3 so how could you possibly be non biased dude? GTFO
  14. Well because it angers you I guess ill uncheck what device I sent it from, did I not say im an osx and ipad user to?

    And that's cool, you've explained to me why apple touchscreens are more responsive and how the processors design and UI effect how snappy and smooth the phone is.

    I never claimed to be an apple tech specialist, I know about the product and its capabilities not how it's built, why its built that way, and how it compares to other phones processors.

    So I guess my in depth knowledge of the apple UI has been refuted?
    Which was hardly even a point and moreso a bridge in my argument for android.

    I posted this thread so I could refute and disprove reasons given that the iphone is better.
    Not to be sworn at or have technical jargon thrown at me , followed up by some rediculous logical fallacy suggesting I have 0 insight on a subject because I dont know the bluprints to the Iphones UI. Which isnt even what this thread is about.

    If your so smart educate me. Don't act like your above me.
  15. You care a lot about cell phones

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  16. I've had an iPhone since the 1st up to the 5. Than switched over to the much sexier HTC one and never regretted it I love android if you actually take time and customize your device on you would be suprised at how much you can do, it took me almost 2 days non stop customizing my phone to where it is now. Now it's like my personal portable computer I can do anything I want with it. IPhone was just to limited for my tastes made me feel like I had a jitter bug after a while

    Who Dat!
  17. Apple is like a console. Comes complete and easier to use with little to no personal upgrades available.

    Android is like a gaming computer. Much much more powerful takes time to get used to and the personal upgrades are basically unlimited

    Who Dat!
  18. iPhone wouldn't be top seller for no reason.

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  19. I hate my android with a passion but it'll be a cold day in hell before give those greasy apple fuckers any of my money.
  20. I use an android phone because that's what my company pays for.
    I had an iPhone for years before this and I loved it. I don't have any issue with the mobile I have now, but if given the choice, I'd go back to Apple. I prefer the interface and I use other Apple devices.

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