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iPhone 5 or galaxy s3!!

Discussion in 'General' started by I3 Eazy, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. So I looked for a forum on here for technology but can't seem to find one so hope this is the right place.

    Basically I have a iPhone 5 but thinking of taking it in for a galaxy s3.

    What do you guys think is best on the market right now I think I'm right in thinking its out of these 2.
  2. Galaxy s3 absolutely no question.

    The iPhone 5 is rated one of the worst popular smart phones right now.

    And that's coming from someone stuck with an iPhone.
  3. galaxy s3 is much better :D
  4. iphones are pure shit. galaxy without a doubt
  5. I guess galaxy but if you jailbreak your iPhone, iPhone wins
  6. iPhones really aren't as great as a lot of people say they are. They're just really user friendly to people who don't know a whole lot about technology.

    Samsung galaxy s2 is what I have and it's really easy to get music on it, to get pictures on/off it and to just program a whole bunch of things.

    If you know how to work the C:/ drive on your computer and know how to get files from the Internet without assistance, go for the Galaxy s3.
  7. S3

    Iphones are way over price and who pays for a product thats extremely restricted compared to its competitors :p
  8. S3 for sure.
    iPhones suck.
  9. How about S4 in a few months o_O
  10. iPhone sucks. And I have one. :(:(. 80 bucks a month for crap
  11. i have an iphone 5...i like dad has the samsung galaxy 3.....he likes it more than his iphone he had. i think all the restrictions apple uses makes it shitty. but i got an iphone because i have a mac
  12. I still have an iPhone 3gs. still works fine for me.

    anyway, isn't iPhone 6 coming out next week anyway? and I also heard iPhone 7 is coming out a month from now.
  13. I have the s3 and I like the screen size but I miss the smoothness of my iphone.
  14. thats what i have and thats what i thought
  15. iPhone 5 duh


    its too late for me. Like cigarettes, you pick up your first pack, your that much likely to get addicted...I have had every new gen release.

    And to be honest they are cool, user friendly, but pricey...but i usually jailbreak mine and make up for it in stealing apps and opening up the phone more....but the iphone 5 doesn't have a jb thats public yet....
    ....and the quality of the 5 is subpar to be honest...Where each one before the 5 was neat, mint, and lasted me 2 years...My iphone 5 came with minor blemishes here and there (VERY SMALL) but still there, u can tell they rushed it. And most of all, i had to replace mine after 1 month because of a faulty camera issue. But i can't say nothing about that, they replaced my phone and gave me a new one within an hour no questions asked..

    i wish i had more info to offer on s3
  17. Galaxy if you like freedom. Fuck Apple.
  18. The iPhone 5 is overall much smoother and more enjoyable experience than that of the S3.

    Without a doubt, go with the iPhone 5.
  19. Seems pretty split
  20. Definetely the S3, its so much better that it isnt even a competition. The screen is better, the better is about the same , however on the s3 you can replace it with a better one, the iphone you cant. And S3 supports more memory through SD cards.
    There's just so much more you can do on Android

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