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  1. I am just completely on the fence whether or not to buy a 64gig ipad.
    From what I can tell they look really amazing and I think itd be loads of fun for years, but I was wondering if any of you own/have used an iPad, and your EXACT thoughts on how you like it, what you dont like about it. Please don't come on here about how apple products are "gay" or "stupid" I'd really like to hear honest opinions from people who own an iPad. Thanks Blades!:wave:
  2. I have an Iphone, which is the same thing. Except I can make calls, so really mine is better.

    I dont see any advantages to the ipad that would make it worth buying
  3. The only advantage I see to the iPad over the touch is the large screen size, but the screen they use is definitely nothing special. I strongly dislike the iPad because of the lack of flash (no browser games if you're into them...), USB, VGA/HDMI/some other way to output to a screen, and the inability to multitask. The multitasking thing will be fixed with 4.0, but I'm not sure about the flash, and the other things definitely will not have support.

    Maybe they'll do what apple always does and not implement those useful things until the 2nd 3rd or 4th iteration of the product when they should have been there at launch.

    Personally, I'd opt for an ipod touch or something if you must have apple product, and then just get one of the other tablets coming out with some actual functionality and a not-ridiculous price tag.
  4. concerning the ipad ive heard alot of problems involving overheating after prolonged use due to the screen being so close to internal parts. also idk about you but whats the deifference between a laptop and a Ipad. you have to open your laptop up and the laptop has a actual keyboard? IDK about you but when im on the computer i type a hell of alot faster than any touch screen can keep up with. also i prefer to have a laptop that i have to open because it protects the screen.
  5. I believe in the future all people will carry around iPad-like devices.
  6. Overpriced and under powered in terms of capabilities (inability to multitask, no Flash support, etc.) plus you're locked into getting Apps from only one source.

    If I'm going to spend that kind of money on a tablet it'd better damn well be a full featured PC device and not an iPod Touch on steroids.
  7. Agreed, I think the iPad is a hustle.

    Atleast the thing can shred
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKNGGfcPipQ]YouTube - Will It Shred? iPad Skateboard[/ame]

  8. haha thats pretty funny. honesty i think the ipad can be a fun little thing to have, but i just got a macbook pro yesterday and im in love. i feel like saving up the lil extra for a laptop or the little less for a ipod touch would be better. my touch and macbook is such a great combo i have to say
  9. hahahaha ^

    that is funny

  10. This. I say wait for at least a 2nd gen. I find it crazy, that their new flagship handheld lacks even a camera. Meanwhile their new iphone 4g has a 2 mp on the front, and a 5mp camera at the back with flash, autofocus, tap-to-focus and HD video recording (720p up to 20fps with audio)

    Just boycott all of their 1st generations, until they understand the consumer has caught on.
  11. I'm waiting for HP's tablet, which will run WebOS, a linux based system that's very open. They actually encourage people to edit the scripts the drive it. The only closed part is the display manager and that just pushes pixels.

    Go for Apple if you like a totally closed, crippled platform where you are locked into buying your apps from a single vendor.
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  12. I'm excited to see If the linux/google mashup will go any farther than Android. I'm not really into the whole "giant corporation" that google is. But I would put my money on them for dawning an era of "creating what the users want, before they realize they want it".
  13. I don't trust Google at all. Their entire business model is based on selling ads, based on collecting data on what you and I look at on the web.
  14. The Tablet Industry is still in its early phases. While I see a relatively promising future for similar devices, I wouldn't buy into them this soon. Apple just happened to be the ones who jumped on this bandwagon first.

    That doesn't mean that in two years, or less even, one won't be released that completely outperforms the iPad in all respects. As a matter of fact, I can guarantee you that there will be. If there's a market, there will always be competition.
  15. If you're going to make the mistake to buy an iPad, at least wait for the 2nd or 3rd generation one before you do so. First generation Apple products ALWAYS suck. They have lots more technology than they're willing to put in the device, and will be releasing the newer generation devices with this better technology. It's definitely best to wait a year or two.
  16. Win!

    Though, In all honesty, if you are looking for a mobile computer, then just get a laptop. Atleast a netbook would be better then buying an iPad. You can get the exact same parts that apple uses for significantly less, just without the Apple Branding and Locked down software.

    I guess my only grief with Apple is, If I bought the $600 device, I will install what the fuck I want to and extend to device to its complete potential, or you can suck my dick for $600.

  17. I have a laptop and a netbook. If I get a tablet it will be to have something even lighter weight to surf with around the house, etc. I like toys and I buy a lot of them, I just won't waste money on Apple. I love my Macs, but the company jumped the shark awhile ago and Jobs is a raving megalomaniac in a black turtleneck.

    I really honestly think all of their products are way overpriced, and the lock in and lock down on the iPad/iPhone/iPod is just ridiculous.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjSbNqqhjbE"]YouTube- MadTV - Steve Jobs Parody - i-rack[/ame]
  18. I agree.

    My Mac is serving me fantastically for school, and should be for the next four to eight years, but I simply refuse to buy into the hype surrounding these close-ware products.
  19. As much as I hate how overpriced apple products are, I respect the hell out of Steve Jobs. Have you ever seen a documentary about him? It's crazy how much he worked and changed his lifestyle to be a success. Hell, without him we might not be here on this forum. He's a key part in the history of computers (along with Bill Gates).

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