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  1. Im looking to pick this vaporizer up but i wanted to ask some questions first. Like is this a good vape to share with 2 other friends? And can i jerryrig it to have bags? Also how does this work without cords or batteries, gas?
  2. It's perfect for using between one or two people, three is pushing it a bit but it should be fine. I've never tried to use a bag with it but you probably could, just I don't see why you'd need to, it works well enough. And it uses butane to heat a heating element which is around your bud or something like that. You just need to fill it up with more butane every few uses, it's really easy it literally just requires you to press the nozzle of the butane can to a little valve on the Iolite and you're done. And 10 cans of butane should last a year or so.
  3. Cool so basically like a butane lighter. Thats awesome i cant wait to buy mine. Amazon has a sale and i can snag one for about 120 with shipping. I just always like the thought of filling bags up with smoke and then letting them linger around my room haha. How much do i usually use to fill up a bowl? How long does it burn through?
  4. About .2 grams will last about a 30 minute sesh. It's amazing for conserving!
  5. I have an iolite and it's prettty sweet. The previous poster seemed to answer all your questions as well as I would have, but I just wanted to say have fun with your new vape :smoke::D
  6. AWESOME! I'm sooo excited!

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