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iolite vs magic flight launch box

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by mrafroman, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Hi Grasscity! First post here but, I have a question that I know has probably been asked times before but I want an up to date answer. Should I get a mflb or an original portable iolite vaporizer? I can't make my mind! The mflb looks so good but, I am scared I am going to lose pieces of it since there are so many different pieces (glass stem, batteries, ect). In your opinion what is the best vaporizer out of these two? Thanks for the help!
  2. I have the iolite, fuckin thing sucks... i hate it, wast of money... too hard to drag thru and honestly i dont think its gettin hot enuff... in my opinion it aint worth 20 bucks...
  3. Hmm...okay thanks hyper for the suggestion. Im also willing to look at other portable vaporizers that has a max price tag of $160. I could buy a wispr on eBay for $150 on eBay. Don't know if they are any good though.
  4. Find an arizer solo, thank me later
  5. I have a MFLB. They have somewhat of a learning curve but they are fine for what they are. I never had any problem with loosing pieces. You really do not need the glass tube that comes with it although I like to use it.

    I am sure that there may be a better stealth vape but the MFLB, if you learn how to use it, is really sturdy, guaranteed for ever, and does the job.

    Now having said all of that, I never use mine anymore. The reason is that I am in a legal state and we can purchase electronic pens that use cartridges filled with hash oil. There is NOTHING on the market that is easier or more stealthy.

    The obvious draw back is you have to have access to the cartridges or be able to make them yourself.

  6. I'd go with the Solo if you don't mind a portable that's a bit larger than some of the other portables on the market.

  7. this is exactly what i would write about portable vapes.

    again, mflb, is great for what it is... but it is a bit outdated technology. for portable, decent-priced, semi-stealthy, few-hitter vape... you really cannot go wrong. practice and patience (and battery upgrade) is required.
  8. Thanks for your guys help thus far!! Really appreciated :)! I looked at the arizer solo and it looks like its a little to big for me personally. Especially with the glass stem, I would be scared to put it in my pocket and go out during a night to only find broken glass. I'm starting to lean more and more to the mflb but, I just want to make sure thats the right portable vape for me.
  9. I've had an iolite for years and I love it.

    The MFLB is a piece of shit IMO. I've got one of them as well and I've used it twice. The whole song and dance with the batteries that you have to do is just completely ridiculous and unnecessary. For the price they charge for a piece of wood they could have easily added a switch into the unit so you don't have to deal with putting the batteries in and taking them back out over and over.

  10. This is what I was a little scared about with the mflb. I used it once before when my friend had it and maybe I wasn't using it right but, it was a pain in the butt to hold the battery into the slot and to take your hit. I've also tried the wispr which I remember was pretty good.

  11. I have the complete opposite opinion on this. I had an Iolite and hated it. Not really fond of the MFLB either, but I sure liked it a LOT better than the Iolite.
  12. I have the iolite, very hard to hit thru compared to others, better have the lungs of an olympic swimmer cause its tough to hit thrru, it gets dirty fast, cheap ass plastic stem burns your lips, there is an extension and its cheap ass plastic as well, sso if you do use it you best not try to get it apart again, and also if you use it you shouldnt have it anywhere near your pocket... mine was 200 bones when i got it, used it for like a week, still buried in the bottom of my drawer... with asthmna, using it sends me into a pretty bad asthma attack... In My OPINION, the iolite is garbage.. i wouldnt be so dissapointed if i had paid 40, maybe 45 bucks, but at the prices they go for, garbage...
  13. Ahhh this is getting hard hahah. I guess its all personal experience with each vape and everyone has different opinion. Thanks for your help guys!!!

  14. I'm not sure you were using it correctly. If you had the little foam ring in the bottom of the hole there is no need to take the battery out, just push it in when you want to heat the screen up. It acts like a switch.

    I agree with using the upgrade batteries, way better experience.

    As I said before, the MFLB has a learning curve. IMHO, anyone that has just used it twice probably never learned how to really use the thing. You really have to put some time into using the thing to get it down.

    The bottom line is that the MFLB is a good, sturdy, stealthy, portable vape. Is it easy to use, no not at first, after you figure it out it is not bad at all. Will it get you high - yup! I would not use it for more than one person although you can share with another if needed.

    IMHO, the only reasons to own a portable vape is 1) stealth and 2) if you only want to use vapes for your health.

    The biggest stealth advantage that a vape like the MFLB gives you is smell. The vapor doesn't have the smell that smoke has. If smell is not a big deal, I just use a small spoon pipe that I can hold in one hand. That usually does the job.
  15. For the mflb you don't need the stem and can go "native". Once you have an intuition on its mechanism of action then it's very easy and quick to use. My only biggest beef is taking on and off the rubber cap from the battery when flipping it , but that's hardly an issue.
  16. What I meant was there is no good economic reason the makers of the MFLB couldn't include a switch and battery bay so the battery stays in all the time. No need to push it in to activate and all that BS

  17. Sure there is. Additional cost in manufacture and one more thing to break.

  18. Additional cost would have been almost nothing. You're already paying almost a bill for a chunk of wood, an LED that will burn out way before it should, and a rudimentary heating element :rolleyes:
  19. You have no idea what their cost of doing business is. Cost of a lifetime warranty, lawyers, patents, manufacturing, advertising, etc etc etc. The cost of manufacturing and of bringing a product to market is a LOT more than the cost of the materials to manufacture it.

    There would be an added cost and one more thing to break. THAT is a fact. What is up for debate is weather they could factor that into their current cost of doing business. Maybe they could, but then, maybe they couldn't. Your making an assumption that could very well be false.
  20. As I read more and more reviews I should maybe add that sometimes I will be using the vaporizer with other people and, not just myself. I heard the mflb doesn't do a good job with other people because you need to learn how to use it properly and such. Such a hard decision haha :)!

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