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iolite vaporizer problems

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Vapenbake, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. About a month ago i bought the iolite. I have only used it twice and it works great when i get it to work. But most of the time the orange light never comes on or only comes on for a second. ( Also when i first got it i went to a friends house, and took bong rips then we, stupidly put zippo fluid where you are supposed to inhale, i dont know if this caused the problem. And i know that was very stupid. Also i think i might have overfilled it but cant figure out how to let the gas.

    Thank you for your answers, i really want to use this thing more
  2. ok thanks
  3. To let the gas out just run it, and make sure that when you turn it on you press the piezo button until the orange light is blue for a second. Then when its turns from orange to off hit it like normal.

    As far as if the zippo fluid ruined it, it depends. Do you have the updated version (without the removable heating pin) and can u take out the heating pin? If you can take it out (you have the old version) then theres a chance it might have fucked it up. If not (you have the newer version) the zippo fluid shouldnt have gotten in the device at all.

    Happy Toking :smoking:

    Edit: the manual says you can out herbal oils in it, so i assume that you could put liquids in there with out having a problem. If the problem still persist contact the company and they should send you a new one. Good Luck!
  4. thanks man this helps alot
  5. If you were using a low-quality (anything OTHER than 5x, MAYBE 4x is OK) fluid to fill your iolite in the first place, you would have broken the ignition that way.

    The iolite ONLY takes butane that is 5x and some high grade 4x

    Talk to Iolite about it, they're very good about completely replacing defective unites.
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    any updates? I'm curious if you got it fixed, and if you're overall happy with the unit. I'm interested in one of these but I'd like to know more about how they make sure you're inhaling no toxins...right now it seems a Vapor Brothers unit would be safer in that respect. Also I'd like to know the vapor temp. when it comes out....is it hot? room temperature? chilled? Thanks

    Also, about how much does the butane cost....how fast do you burn through it? I wonder if that adds significantly to the cost of ownership
  7. The butane I use is nibo and costs $3 a can...Its 3x refined....Ive vaped probably around 100 bowls of it and Im on my second can...Each fill lasts about 4-5 bowls...The vapor comes out around 375f but feels around room temperature until your lungs are almost full in which case it feels a little warm....

    ps....This thing will put you on your ass :hello:
  8. The other night I was trying to rip the vape but I couldn't really see and I kept clicking the piezo button bc I couldn't tell if the orange was coming on. Stupid, I know. I think the switch is broken now. When I turn it from "0" to "1" you can't hear the butane and basically it doesn't turn on.[​IMG] My brother is going to kick my ass; is there anyway to fix this??

  9. thanks for info, have you owned any other vapes for comparison? I'm leaning towards getting a Vapor Brothers or Purple Days
  10. are these like comparable vaporizors to volcanos and such

  11. add butane.

  12. no Iolite is portable. Magic Flight Launch Box is also portable. Volcano, Vapor Bros., and Purple Days has to be plugged in to wall

  13. Did that. Still won't work.
  14. Sounds like you're a dumb ass kid who shouldn't take his brothers vaporizer if you don;t know how to use it... or refill it properly.

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