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  1. I have been looking for a place to buy and sell bongs, water pipes, pipes, hookahs, ect for a long time and i have seen that ebay, google & amazon do not sell these types of items. Although I recently have seen pipes/bongs for sale on Tell me what you guys think and if you have another good buy, sell & trade sites that allow the sales of these items.

    GC Thanks in Advance ----- SPREAD THE REP+

  2. WTF? What the hell is Ib4tl? Never heard of that.

  3. In before the lock
  4. not sure if i would trust ordering through there

    website is full of fake designer goods sold through merchants in china for the most part
  5. There are some sellers on Ioffer which are legit and have quality products. Just gotta watch out for the ones that just sell China glass and mark it up high.
  6. fuck ioffer man, try etsy;)

  7. ETSY is where it is at...depending on what you are looking for. you can find a lot of custom blowers there
  8. Anyone familiar with any of these glass sites and purchased or sold glass on there? If anyone is interested in selling my glass line via websites, personal, headshops, ect please contact me through PM. I have some glass that I want to sell and there is some good commission involved. Thanks guys.
  9. Dude your set it as a cheap Chinese copy glycerin coil that can be got for less than half what you're selling it for.

    That's probably why no one wants to sell it.
  10. Find me my setup for half the price of $250??? And by the way its not chinese. Its def. not illy but for the price you find a comparison. 9 Pieces for $250 and more attachments coming soon. I'll be waiting here for your answer....
  11. Dude don't try and pretend it's not Chinese?

    It's the same stuff as you get from loads of the same guys who sell the fake Roors.




    One of those Chinese copyshop contacted us to see if we would buy any.
  12. Similar knock off... but i promise you that my glass is not coming from china. Say what you want but its not coming from china. My setup is a little different on the inline and different on the coil. I also have a double coil as well as a 12 arm tree perc top attachment.
  13. I know a place but it seems to me that somehow there is a consensus that you're selling Chinaware. Thats not really welcome where I'm talking about.
  14. Any other good places to sell your glass similiar to - doesnt have to be auction type selling. Thanks in advance.
  15. is legit I have got 2 toro's off ioffer. I was kinda spectical bc of the price but since its paypal im protected :). got a single chamber showerhead circ with frosted flames and a new circ/circ. The circ/circ is so smoooothh but the single chamber rips like a beast. but trust ioffer salers as long as they have sold a piece and have had good feedback. the transaction was smoothish and shipping was fast! pretty happy i found this site though because i live in b.f.e. and the site has highend, lowend and everything in the middle! ioffer is legit just do your research and use paypal because you are protected :)
  16. ^^Troll much...
  17. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    as a buyer on ioffer...your more than likely to get ripped off
  18. Heres a site one of the best

    search yourself a can find anything on the internet without troubles.

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