involuntary acid trip

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  1. It was friday night, and we had a lot of blotter acid, and so about 8 people tripped on various numbers of tabs, including one kid's little brother of 14. he smoked weed the first time that night until puking, and then they just gave him 2 hits without explaining what it does in any detail. we were in this upstairs room at this ..... flop house? and we babysat this kid and it was so entertaining.

    the kid was like im not tripping. then we told him to stay upstairs, and he's UPSTAIRS.....and runs and falls out the door and runs to the stairs and like falls down them and we grab him and pull him back in the room. and people keep fucking with him, like being like hey! look at the fan! and he'll get hypnotized by the fan and try to touch it....there was a porcelin pig involved....yeah so at some point drunk people started coming into the room to go thru to the deck, and at some point someone w/ a maglite came in demanded ID and then yelled THE FLOOR IS LAVAAAA and it was true. there were also ethereal spiders on the cieling. so i look downstairs and there's a huge out of control drunken party complete with a pool orgy and cars parked all down the street. we sat and waited to go to jail ha. the kid was fine and safe and we watched fear and loathing in las vegas and chain smoked. then next day he sat there with us and recalled it all, and now he's a hippie. they call him jellyfish boy cause he got really floppy while trippin

    for the record i had nothing to do with it and dont think its a good idea, i was just there trippin watchin out....kinda
  2. Anyone who would fuck around with tripping, especially on a 14 year old kid, is not only an idiot... they're plain fucking assholes. I don't even have a desire to read the story.

    Not nescessarily saying you, just whomever gave it to him and or wouldn't/didn't explain it.
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  3. Everyone is gonna tell you, THATS FUCKED UP...

    Just so you know... And it is...

    BUT on the otherhand, tell me that kid won't remember that night for the rest of his life. I would.

  4. Agreed, total dick move on someone's part. Not cool.
  5. yea dude giving a kid acid... bad news.

    Hell, i honestly think mushrooms woulda been worse.
  6. yea wow not cool... i would beat the fuck out of em kids who gave him that shit
  7. Thats pretty fucked up giving a 14 year old acid without him knowing what it was, sounds like a bunch of unreasonable jack asses to me.
  8. Dosing someone with LSD without telling them is basically a mind rape. You should not procreate. - rep
  9. Wouldn't be unreasonable to say that. Can definately see where you're coming from. But if you had even a 14 year old kid eating mushrooms, he'd probably know something was up. It's a little different with a blotter, if he doesn't already know what it is, then he most likely didn't suspect anything.
  10. I showed up and it had already happened. i kept him safe the whole time. i posted this because another of my posts involved puking while smoking, and mentioned this story and people were like whoa so i thought it must be told. boy mr buzzard you sure are a judgemental dick for someone who wasnt even there and can't seem to grasp the nature of the situation.

    i've seen people who have no business doing any hallucinagens have nervous breakdowns 2 days later. i would never do that unless the kid knew exactly what was going on with it. and even 14? you dont know how someone will react. but yeah telling me not to have kids really has little to do with it, don't you think?
  11. You never stated you came after he was dosed.

    Grasp the nature of the situation? A child was given a powerful hallucinogen without being told!!!! That's pretty serious.
  12. maybe serious enough to warrant some questions, rather than damnation.
  13. I take hallucinogens very seriously. There should be no tolerance for fucking around with them.
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  14. you sure want to argue, huh?
  15. Not really but I do like to.

    Debate keeps me going :smoke:
  16. well you know what? that's why there will never be peace in the middle east
  17. Lol that was a tad random.

    Anyway, you said it wasn't you who dosed him, and I believe you, so alright.

    But, I've already had one bad hallucinagen experience, and I actually knew what I was doing... Buzzard is right, hallucinagens should be taken very very seriously... and that just needs to be repeated more often.

  18. Damn jews!! (just kidding)

    Allright I admit I overjudged a little but I read it as you and your buddies thought it would be funny to dose the guy. Sorry.
  19. thanks. yeah it was a foolish set of events going down, for sure
  20. even though acid is pretty harmless, no one should ever take two hits their first time. It really isn't a party drug either....

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