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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 1HitWonder, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Beat me to it. That shit is so funny. I sometimes feel unstoppable. Not invincible just unstoppable. Which is only slightly different.
  2. It generally takes large doses of pills and booze for me to act like an invincible douche :).

    As mentioned before, weed actually makes me feel kinda the opposite on weed. Just a general feeling to get along and not leave the couch.:smoking:
  3. nahh...

    but for some reason when i smoke i visualize im awesome at skateboarding.. the rare times i actually go outside and try.. i usually fall once and go inside.
  4. the day after i smoke a large amount of hemp (like to the point you cant keep your eyes open) i feel very determined and on top of things, like i can accomplish anything.
  5. When I use to get high and smoke and what not, I would do shit that I wouldn't want to

    do while sober. Watering bushes, homework, painting the house, working on cars, all

    shit was the most fun thing at the time. While I am sober I would never want to do that

    stuff. I do not feel invincible, and I feel like there is no need to fight at all when I am

    baked, but I will argue if some one pisses me off.
  6. Coke and Adderal? YES I feel like superman.

    Weed- just helps the anxiety.
  7. You should feel weak but happy if you on the weed.
  8. When I'm baked fighting is the last thing I want to do lol
  9. Exactly, I can't fight while high at all. I'd get my shit leaned real quick.
  10. thats weird, its the opposite for me
    maybe cause i workout high too idk
  12. It has nothing to do with muscle for me, I smoke hard and when I'm high...
    I'm very sluggish and have a full body buzz. Maybe if I smoked some heady high weed then it would be different.

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