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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 1HitWonder, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Does anyone else have the type of rush and feeling when your really really baked that your invincible, unstoppable, immortal etc?

    I get this feeling or maybe a rush you could call it that I just feel like I can take on any challenge and do anything that would seem impossible.

  2. Bump? No one's posting :(
  3. when I did acid I had this feeling
  4. most people experience that feeling after doing some coke.
  5. that reminds me of the comercial where the kid smokes weed and shoots himself because he was invincible. haha. i think it was in harold and kumar.
  6. When I'm super baked I get really determined to do shit lol, no matter what it is. Clean my room, walk the dogs, smoke more weed; whatever I feel I need to do, it's so much easier baked. haha. I can kick some serious ass when I'm baked too lol. I never want to, my friends are hot head idiots that get us all into shit wherever they go. Stupidasses

  7. When I get really baked I go into like a dream state. I call it "the zone". But cocaine can make you feel invincible.
  8. its called cocaine
  9. heh, yeah... coke or when im drunk... heh. or both:D

  10. Agreed. I feel like I'm the king of the world when I do acid.
  11. Yeah! It was in harold and kumar. Marijuana kills. LOL, hahaha
  12. I do get a bit of a rush, like 10 mins after smoking
    But it def. doesnt make me feel invincible just makes me wanna do some fucking karate or
    sum shit
  13. Nah I feel very weak and vulnerable if truth be told.
  14. naw I'm just chill when high but easy to piss off.

    Nowhere near invincible
  15. Haha Im impossible to piss off when stoned. I'm too monged and unmotivated.

  16. Im the complete opposite. When I'm high I think to myself.....there is no way I could do anything challenging right now. Then I continue to sit on my couch and watch tv. :D
  17. i think the correction of what drug makes you feel invincible, isnt it PCP?
  18. Yeah I was thinking PCP too. People on PCP are scary.
  19. yeah i dont know what weed you smoking but i want some = P . just joshin. be careful man dont be trying to stop trains with your bare hands ya kno ? lol haha
  20. I sometimes do but then it quickly passes, like five minutes after smoking. Then I get really chill and just trip out. At that time I need to be outside, sitting in the grass with the sun on me, or listening to music.

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