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  1. Has anyone thought of investing in the new legal market?
  2. Nah to busy investing in the illegal market ;)

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  3. Yes, I actually have done so, and it sucks. Risk is too high for me. Will be waiting until federal legalization, if that ever happens.
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    Pipe dream.

    Everybody seems to be happy with the illegal status of marijuana as it is.. and I really think that everyone's getting a kick out of it. Dealers and smugglers get a rush out of selling their products and running from the cops.. as well as the huge profits that follow.

    If you've ever watched Barry Cooper's 'Never Get Busted', he clearly admit that he didn't work as a DEA agent because he thought he was doing good to the community. He did it because of the adrenaline rush that followed the chase and bust operations, and the same applies to pretty much all cops.

    It's kinda sad, but it's true. We love prohibition not because we truly think it's good for the community .. but because we love the rollercoaster ride that comes with it. It will take at least another 50 years until all states have legalized cannabis in the US, and it will be a state-by-state movement, not a federal legalization.. especially with that B** called Clinton. Dunno about Trump, though.


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