Invest in more light? Or nutes? And will this "carbon filter" work?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JassyD, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Sorry for yet another thread. I am going to do SOG in a 22" box. 22" in all directions. Small i know but whatever. I have a 125w cfl. And the box is setup. So would it be better to invest like 50 more dollars on nutes? Or just put that into the lighting? Like which will yield better results?

    I don't have nutes now. Well i have some tiger bloom. Just a bit left in the bottle. I figure it might get me through a grow since the plants are small and i'll dilute a lot.

    Also i decided to install a carbon filter. I am wondering if i just poured activated carbon into a mesh pencil holder will all the holes, then put that inside of a panty hose. Then cut a hole in the grow box that is just big enough to fit the filter through Then tape a fan to it that will push air into it. Will that will work as a carbon filter? Its basically the same thing from that DIY thing but without the whole duct and all that. Just wondering if i can just attach it straight to the box.
  2. you can try going to local grow stores and asking if they have any free samples and sometimes they do, small 4oz bottles - there is also a general organics "go box" that some stores still have and its like $20 or free if you can talk him into it because it was sent to them for free from the supplier - if not just ask if they have any old opened bottles of nutes you could have and spend the money on more lights because the smell is not going to be that bad with something that small and you could just buy some smelly flowers when it starts flowering to cover it up for a few bucks

    not sure what lights or carbon filter you can get for $50 though so maybe just nutes
  3. Lights, lights, lights and lights! Like the other poster said, you can probably get some nutrient samples (or really inexpensive basic nutes) from your local grow shop and with such a small space I doubt you'll need an extensive air scrubber, but if you do I'm not sure what you're describing will work. But hey, try it if you want to. You never know and that's how you learn what works and what doesn't! ;)

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