Inverted Y-Axis?

Discussion in 'General' started by ramone&emiglio, May 31, 2009.

  1. We all know that with video games there is the option to invert the y-axis, meaning that if you push down on the thumbstick, the view goes up. opposite of what should happen if you will. All my friends think im weird as hell for doing this, but it feels natural to me.

    So my question is, how many other blades invert their Y - axis?
  2. Alot of people do it. Especially if you play flight sims.
  3. haha im right here with you brotha. My friends all think its weird as shit too. They think it has to do with me being left handed but i don't see why'd that make a difference lol
  4. Na, I can't stand having it inverted.
  5. unless i'm using a full hand joystick on a flight sim i can't stand this.
  6. my friends all do this. It takes some getting used to. I don't do it - but when i was playing halo alot with a particular group of friends who all inverted, i got sick of switching the options everytime i hopped in, so i learned how to use it. I still don't prefer it though, but i can do it now
  7. my older bro played with inverted y axis and since i'm his little bro i just did everything he did when i was younger lol.

    i prefer regular but can play with inverted just fine because of that.
  8. idk how people do it, but i fuckin hate it. one time i was stoned at my homies house playinxbox, and i was trying to play him in rainbow 6, but i lost the first 3 rounds just cuz i was wondering why the controller wasnt workin. then i realized how dumb i was and changed the settings
  9. There is a gamers section you know....

    But no i don't use inverted.
  10. I use INVERTED i always have to change it when im playing with my friends, cuz they are all normal. then i givesomeone the paddle and theyre like "WTF GOD DAMN IT" and they get killed cuz theyre just pointing there guns at the ground.
  11. 3rd person shooters/flight sims i think i use em..

    dont see how anyone can use it w/ 1stperson tho
  12. Right on. Inverted FTW!
  13. I don't but my boyfriend plays with inverted settings.

    Anyone play xbox live? You should message me your gamertags or something. :)

    I play guitar hero, halo, ea skate etc.... Not good at skate at all though.

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