Inventions created while stoned

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  1. One time 3 of my friends and I were hot boxing and of course I was annihilated. I get this idea for some new bling.


    That would be some balla/pimp shit. All the rappers would be rapping about their platinum dick cozies instead of grills and such. I think it would be cool...

    If anyone else has any kind of invention as a result of being stoned, please share.
  2. What the fu........ :hide:
  3. Word, I'm an OG. Fuckin all dem bitches with my platnum sheath. :eek:
  4. Hahahahaha :D
  5. ROFLMAO! Thats some funny ass shit..... I could see that happening.. see if you can get that idea to Lil' Wayne or something, if he does it everyone will and you can make some money!
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  7. What about a jewel encrusted vagina casing of some sort? What are the chicks going to wear man?!

    As far as stoned inventions go, I still want to buy a remote control car with a piece and lighter holster so I can smoke uber-lazy style with spread out groups of people.
  8. [quote name='junkiedays']What about a jewel encrusted vagina casing of some sort?

    tell us more this could realy take off :cool:
  9. The only invention i've thought of isn't really an innovation really......but it was a playable guitarbong hahaha we had a prototype in the works, wasn't playable though cause we had to cover up the hole (it was an acoustic....) but it ripped fat and lasted for daayyyysss cause it filled up the hole guitar and even when the bowl was snuffed you were still getting hits
  10. Bage-O-Cuts
    Individually sliced meats and cheeses in the shape of a bagle.

    i had to invent something for a class and came up with this, had a little radio jingle and everything hahahaha.
  11. Man, there are some fuckin' crazy ideas here.

  12. i was gonna come here and share loads of cool ideas.... but after reading that.... i think i'll just stare at you instead.

  13. [​IMG]

  14. :laughing: Too perfect!
  15. all you weak *****s be looking for cheese,
    when i got diamonds on my dick case, please
    dont come talking to me about money
    maybe your honey can gimme some sucky
    swallow, and end up with a few carrots in her belly

    i could see it happening
  16. :smoke: fuckin refridgerated tables, so you can set stuff on it and it will stay cold. :smoke:
  17. i've always wanted a bong made out of the same shit as those mugs you throw in the freezer. they're like plastic with liquid on the inside that freezes, just imagine a plastic bong you just toss in the freezer an hour before you toke for ulitmate cool hits.:bongin:

  18. omfg you sir are a genius(sp?) thats the most awsome idea ever!!!
  19. if anyone does actually choose to market this product, all i ask is i be sent one of the bongs.

    ... and 10 bucks.... :hello:
  20. A bowl that has a little metal screen type thing that folds down over top the bud, so people don't laugh or cough your bud out of the piece. I always thought that was a good idea.

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