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  1. i just put two females outdoor. I noticed really odd leaves -not pot leaves- growing off the top. A week later, these strange leaves are dominating my two plants. The strange leaves look identical to a bush about 4 feet away. Is this push invading/taking over my weed plant? I think it's prohibiting bud growth, the plants were buddier two weeks ago than now. What can I do? Kill the invasive bush? Transplant a third time to another location? growing 6 years, I've never seeen this before.
  2. Your plants were budding them out of so their reverting back to veg and that would.explain the weird leaves if you had a pic i.could confirm
  3. By chance is the bush Asian Bush Honeysuckle?
  4. Here's pics. I hope yr right. I had them inside on twelve on twelve off to sex them. Once I determined I had females I put them outside, more of a 16 hours light, 8 dark. so maybe they're just re-vegetating.

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  5. Here's a pic of the bush I think is the culprit, if this is an invasive issue. THis bush is a few feet away and the leaves look like the strange leavew on my plants. Could be Asian Honeysuckle?

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  6. Yes it's going back to veg
  7. There are some dominant bushes which invade other plants. It's better if you cut out those leaves from your plant from its root and observe them for few more days. Opt for transplant if the situation demands.
  8. thanks, that's a relief. I just hope they go back to flowering soon enough before the frost in late-OCT, early November
  9. Great. Will it return to flower and bud before frost in late October, early November?
  10. This might be veg but those are not pot leaves. Something is wrong for sure

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  11. think I should transplant away from current location. Like into an enormous pot
  12. This Is a plant reverting back to veg

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  13. Your plant is going back to a veg state they should be fine where their at no invasive species
  14. When they are flowering and you put them in the sun with 16 hrs of light they revert back and you have single leaves for a bit but everything returns to normal no worries
  15. Thanks. This was the most helpful advice, especially with that pic you posted.

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