Introduction/lighting and equip question (Lightblaze 400??)

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  1. Simply, and humbly, I am new to this community-- so this is also me saying "Hi" and "Thanks" to ALL; I have already read and learned so much from some of your posts specifically 'Herbal Remedies,' '~mu,' 'Myles117,' 'Hashmouf' and others-- so thanks! I hope to add whatever I can once I get started and become more experienced.

    My question is this: I am concerned with heat output/management with the typical 400-600wHPS bulbs for an Aeroflo20 grow. I live in a hot climate, and know the summers in my potential grow room can spike above 90, and even the 100's. Does anyone out there have experience using the lower wattage/heat-producing "Lightblaze 400" that is so highly reviewed around the web? I would love to see such a journal if anyone has pioneered that ground. I know LED's for growth have a bad rep around the web for being shams, but I have also seen some ***PICS/REVIEWS which would suggest that ***THIS company has maybe gotten it right. Opinions are still split, though it seems. I wanted to throw this out there b/c the upfront cost of $600+ must be worth the invest. and this community en masse has proven to have a wealth of knowledge.

    Thanks to all for being patient with a nube.
  2. It looks like a great set-up, but kinda pricey. I'm not sure if I'm ready to jump on the LED bandwagon yet....I know they will be the grow light of the future, just not convinced its time yet. For half the money, you could get a good 400 or 600w HPS light. You would need to deal with the heat issue, but you can't beat the HPS light for growing. Heat is an issue in my climate also, so I use CFLs in a smaller box, 4'x4'x6'. An HPS would be ideal, but I have no heat issues with CFLs, even with 100+ degree days. Be patient, LEDs will come around. In the meantime, weigh your options, and go from there.
  3. I just read the 17 pages on RIU and I am sold... Gonna sell my HID and buy an LED. My second mission is to convert everyone on GC to LED as well.
  4. You are killin me Mr. B!!!.......LOL
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    Hey guys thx4 the Nput... Just got off the phone with the guys at 'super LED'
    real down and willing to discuss it all. guy on the phone suggests that the 400model be used in a 3'X3' grow and that he supplements his 8'X8' LB400 grow (2 LB400's) with a 75w CFL. Says they're working on a new model(1000w equiv--we'll see what the actual pull is) and that they have a flowering specific model all ready for purchase....price, wattage use etc..i have no clue.. But he says that his 2 LB400 + the 75w'er still pulls less on the electric than his original 600w HPS up. Think im gonna go EyeHortlux w/ ref. ballast on Aeroflo20, mylar, Panda, Lucas nutes and RO & cal/mag+. thoughts?-- yeah stay green, got it-- maybe do a Lightblaze400 grow journal in the future for all our educations. love.

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