Introducing partner to romantic encounter

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by mateer, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. What are your opinions on how to introduce your partner to a romantic and sexual evening after getting her high? Thanks!
  2. Sensual massage! Works EVERY time!
  3. "hey, *their name* have you met Romantic Sexual Encounter?"

    The way you worded that made me lol.

    Still, your question is odd. The same way you normally would? Put an arm around them, kiss them, touch them, etc. Let the situation escelate? Lean in and say "lets go to the bedroom?"

    You said "partner" so I assume that this is a person who you've had "a romantic and sexual evening" with before. What's the problem?

    Get high, then have sex.

  4. I am not asking for any specific advice, Dr. Laura. Just asking for people's best ideas for introducing a partner to a romantic encounter. Maybe it's a fantasy you've always wanted to try, maybe it's a personal experience you've had in the past, hell I don't know. It's just a small talk question.

  5. Your small talk question sucks and your attitude kind of does too.

  6. Sarcasm.....CTFO
  7. CTFO... means?
  8. I was wondering what CTFO meant too...
  9. Hahahaha I had to look it up. Means chill the fuck out. Kids and their lingo.
  10. most acronyms are stupid... and OP could have gotten some good advice from honeymoon, he blew that chance now. haha

  11. I was never looking for "advice" I was just looking for a fun conversation.
  12. Okay here you go.

    "Hey you wanna fuck?"
  13. Doesn't seem very romantic to me. I said romantic.
  14. Call it whatever you want, you are looking for outside opinions and thoughts on this subject... that is pretty much advice.

    My go to plan: wine & dine

    make a nice meal at home, have some awesome scented candles ready, get a bottle of some good wine to go with the food.... yeah pretty much go with the flow from there lol

  15. Stop giving OP advice! He doesn't want advice!
  16. Caveman style: bat to the head, dragged by hair (or foot) to cave.


    It works!
  17. lean over and whisper in her ear " you know how I can tell your pussy's wet? Cause my dicks thirsty",

    Works every time
  18. are you asking for a threesome? or just sex? i'm high and cannot comprehend :bongin:
  19. Threesomes are fun

  20. i wouldn't know. i've never had one but i think i would get jealous watching a girl on my guys cock. i'd get aggressive and then who knows, anything is game.

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