introduced another friend to pot

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  1. hey whats up guys? man i havent been on in forever. i cancelled my previous internet account, then my damn computer had to get refornatted. but all is good, and im on the city once again :)

    so, friday i go to my friend during lunch and tell him to throw me a dime. he comes back 5 mins later, and when im about to give him the money, he tells me its free. me being the type of guy that checks out his shit right after he buys it, go to the rest room and open the newspaper page(thats how we do it here instead of baggies so we dont get caught). the shit was light green as fuck. i was like holy shit this kids gonna be fucking high. the whole day at school i was imagining how my friend would react, i was so escited i could barely pay attention in class.

    so, once i get home, i get right down to rolling a blunt with a cigarillo that i bought the other day. i go get the clear eyes, cologne, 2 bottles of water, and chewing gum. i make my way to my friends house, and he says he has to finish washing the dishes lol. about a minute after that his step dad, who sells weed but doesent know that we know, comes out and asks me what im up to today. im looking at this guy, thinking "DONT SAY WEED! DONT SAY WEED!" so i tell him me and my friend were going to walk around and go to the soccer game thats close by.

    so when my friend finally comes out, he asks me if i brought it, and i tell him yea, with a big ass smile on my face. we go to my spot, where i always smoke at. we sit down, and i tell him how to hit the shit and how to follow it with some air to get more into his lungs. so i light it, take 2 hits and pass the blunt to him. this kid is a fucking natural, he hits it so slow and long, and doesent even choke, and holds it in for a good while. he takes another hit and passes it back. i take a hit, feeling the smoke in my mouth and going down into my body, it felt so damn good. i tell him that im going to give him shotgun and how to do it. well, when i hit him with it, he keeled back and started coughing and choking, i guess he wasnt prepared for the amount of smoke that i blew. so we are halfway done with the blunt, and i ask him if he feels high, and says he doesent have a clue. i tell him to stand up, and as soon as he does, he falls back on his ass. as soon as he falls back, he sits up and says "PASS THAT SHIT MAN!!"

    we were smoking while i was telling him my stoner stories from before, and he said, "damn man, i had a chance to get high since i was 9, and i never took the chance." so i told him at least now we can smoke more often and chill, since we havent been hanging out much within the last 3 years since he was always in trouble over other shit. we finish the blunt, and i set the roach in a little stream of water by where we were sitting and watched it float into a river. so i tell him we should set out and see how he feels.

    we were walking through a baseball field, and he said he seen the nearby trees flipping around each other in circles. he said the grass was moving and that my voice sounded weird as hell. so as im walking down the field, this dude is walking all into me so i tell him to quite acting fruity before i run off on his ass, and he says "please dude, dont run, i can barely walk as it is."

    we make it onto the streets of our neighborhood, and were walking towards my house, when his mom pull up next to us out of nowhere. me being experienced, i just make it looks like the sun is in my eyes so i squint. my friend on the other hand turns around and doesent look towards her. his mom then says "turn around!" i was thinking oh shit she fucking found out, but she just asks, "did you see your sister?" so he tells her no and she drives off. as soon as she turn the corner, we bust out laughing, repeating the whole scene. we walk to my house to get something to eat and to listen to some bone thugs n harmony. he said he never heard xylophones in their music before, to which i ROFL'ed. we chilled for a few hours till we were both too damn tired to even sit up straight, so i tell him ima go in the house and go sleep. so he goes home, and i go inside to sleep. it was a good day :smoking: :smoking:
  2. LOOOOOOOOOOL I love your story, make more please when I'm bored I need something awesome like that to read. +rep fa'sho.
  3. haha great read, youre a good writer +rep
  4. that story was fucking awesome man..........loved it......:)
  5. kickass. must be fun as hell to smoke out someone for their first time. a good friend of mine has smoked like 5 times and never got high and realizes he isnt inhaling right so most likely over the summer i am gonna get him high(next time i will see him)

    thanks for sharin Talon :smoke:
  6. lol "TURN AROUND, wheres your sister?"

    rofl thats the most unexpected question after telling him to turn around
  7. Um you had clear eyes and you needed to squint? fucking stoners:p
  8. yeah man, his step dad smokes (but doesent know we know). the thing is with my eyes, they dont just get red, they get baggy and shut halfway, so i had to think quick before i get him caught.
  9. im tellin you it brings people together everyone knows that
  10. hell yeh man im gonna rep you for that story

    must be so good to see your mate stoned for the first time, i cant remember when i last got a newbie stoned, if ever...

    and yeah, good to read a story that actually makes sense for once.

    smoke on.
  11. Good story.
  12. Just about two weeks ago a few guys I know (not particularly good friends, but friends none-the-less), smoked with me at a party. It sucked because I had to leave after the third bowl (they smoked an 1/8). But when I came back to the party they had left and heard that they each ate about 10 snack packs (pudding thingys) each haha.
  13. i have a buddy that i wana smoke out sooo bad, but i really really really do not wana pure presher him, he has been my friend ever since i was 6 he is 17 now, but still, he wont smoke untill he is done with soccer which i hope is soon
  14. that's funny bro i would have loved to see his face when his ma yelled "turn around!" good stuff.

    i got this girl high for the first time once. it was funny. i rolled up a small joint because we were in a park in the middle of a nice neighborhood so we had to be quick. i light it and take a hit...take another and make sure it's burning good then i pass to her she pulls the smoke into her mouth. i say "now suck deep into your lungs" and she breathes in, coughs BIG, and smoke starts shooting out of her nose and her eyes started tearing haha. it was hilarious to see. i don't think she liked it much though she only took one more "hit" and i put it in quotations because she didn't inhale. she must not have enjoyed the first hit haha.
  15. Haha that was hilarious. I love smoking people up for the first time...they make me feel so much higher by their antics haha.
  16. I love testing first timers to see if they're high.

    My friend first tested me by putting his hands together, fingers straight to look like he was praying. He pushed his hands at me, still together with his fingertips pointed at me. Just before they hit my face, he'd seperate his hands, fingertips first. Ask someone to do it to you, it's amazing. :)

    My friend and I with my first time;
    "You high yet?"
    "No idea."
    *does hand thing*
    "Yeah, your high."
  17. Man,I smoked out this kid I knew one night i had made sum shroom tea for me and offered him some but he said it tasted like like piss so he held his nose and chugged it then we smoked 2 grams orams of sum hydro from a bong he was chokin so bad lol i took the lighter and waved it in his face he said he saw four lighters i was trippin so hard that i thought i killed him cause he wouldnt talk lol
  18. You gave another dude a shotgun hit?

    I hope your lips didn't touch.
  19. First of all, this is a 4 year old thread. Second of all, a blunt with a shotgun is much different. The person receiving the shotgun puts the blunt in their mouth, and the other person puts the lit end in their mouth and blows so the smoke goes SHOOTING into the other person's lung. They FUCK YOU UP.

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