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  1. :wave: everybody, i am satman, 44 years old,burning since 15 .
    currently in the process of documentary production on medical marijuana.
    subject to random at work through quest [freaked out on that one]
    i do own the urinator and it works great also have a clean donor for subbing but what if hes not around at the time i get the call :eek:
    currently live in Dallas and burn daily and dont want/not going to quit.
    i have heard that synthetic urine works MOST of the time and powdered is better but some test have been designed to detect powdered . what to do ?
    advice would be awesome, thanks everybody
  2. welcome to GC! I cant answer your question, but i suggest you move this thread into a different category. Not too many people check out the introduction page
  3. cool deal FTC

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