Intrinsic Tune and Harmony in this Universe

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Androgenicx, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Some might know me a little bit from my posts about experiencing the infinite and tripping on shrooms for the first time, and some of my other posts in the spirituality section, all in relation to cosmic harmony, self awareness, and the godhead.

    Two nights ago I saw a white light in my sleep. I know, for me, that it was naked divinity.

    That very morning I chose to start consolidating my work and adding to it to write a guidebook to putting the wheels in motion towards infinite cosmic peace through self awareness and personal consciousness transcenscion of every being.

    Who adds ME, out of the blue, on facebook that very day? Dale Sarna, author of evolve, and founder of "Gaia Ascenscion Corp", a foundation that publishes books about very similar topics. Spoke to him on facebook chat for abit, he read my works, loved them, we connected very strongly, learned from each other, and there is no doubt that his corp will publish my book when it is done.

    The universe has inherent tune and harmony. If you are in tune and in harmony, it works with you. There is only tune and harmony, nothing else.
  2. Dude you are one deep guy man. I never done shrooms before man, but I am a dedicated pothead man. Let us know if you get published and what not man! When us people (people that use substances) start getting noticed in culture. The better off our battle goes. Man that is sweet. So diggin it.

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