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  1. So, I just got a new place with a couple of buds, there's three of us and we're looking to get some pretty nice internet. But with potentially three of us on at the same time, maybe gaming, we're going to need a fast ass connection lol.

    So, how many mbps would we be able to get away with? Would 20 work, or would we have to step it up to 50 or some shit? Didn't realize internet could get up t o $100/mo these days :p ha.
  2. I wish i had me some ultra-high speed internet!
  3. i fuckin love the internet! :D

    check out comcast's options, their shit is pretty fast
  4. I normally get 15-20 mbps download and .5 upload and I can game and host fine, but when somebody in the house downloads something I lag horribly. So you could probably do fine with like 30-40 down if all 3 of you might play at the same time, make sure you get a good upload speed too. If you could get around 2 up then you should be able to host a full game on cod or whatever game you want fine.
  5. Thanks for the responses, and Comcast is not available in my area.

    I think we're going to go with 40mbps. But will I notice a difference in quality between cable and dsl/fiber optic or whatever? I've heard cable is better for gaming, but I'm not sure.
  6. AT&T U-verse is very very fast in my experiences
  7. I have about a 22mb down and a 2-3mb up, and I have had 3-4 people all playing at the same time. And we didn't lag at all. It also depends on your router and modem. But 20 mb should fine. More is always better though.

    And as for dsl or whatever. Fiber optic is the best, then cable, then dsl. But this also depends on which company and speed and a few other things. But generally this is correct.
  8. Cable is generally faster than DSL. The thing with cable is that when there is a lot of people on facebook (or whatever) who have the same cable service as you its going to slow you down proportionately depending on how much is being used since you all share a line. DSL is more constant with their download/upload rates because you pay for your own line, not a shared internet backbone. Either will work, but fiber optic will always be the best and most preferred.
  9. If you can get charter in your area, go for it. There's no upload/download cap, if you bundle it with tv, it's actually cheaper than just getting internet alone, even if you don't watch tv at all. Ive paid 60 bucks for a 25mb connection w/expanded basic cable for a couple years. When they try to raise the price, I just call in and ask for a discount and they apply one for 12-18months. Easy peasy. Peace

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