Internationally shipping a bong to Aus.

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  1. Anyone done it?

    I really want a bent commanche sr2..

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  2. That's gonna be expensive dude, I looked at getting one from Germany to here in the us n the shipping was as much as the bong itself. Pretty much if they gotta load it on a boat or plane the price skyrockets.

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  3. I have a bent Apache and I'm really don't think you get a lot of glass for the money. It has worked fine so far but it is far from the best quality. 
    In retrospect I would have gone with another piece. If I had to go with the same form factor at a lot lower price range I suspect I'd gone with
    Just my two cents. The WS stuff I've gotten has been about the same quality as bent, but thicker. May I ask what you paid for yours? Mine was at ~140e, which I know in retrospect was way too much. Do you have the ability to order any HVY pieces?

    Gl brother

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