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International Baccalaureate - Toward World Understanding

Discussion in 'Politics' started by maxrule, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. International organizations design and run primary education programs in public schools in the Untied States and pretty much every other country around the world.

    Why do we allow this?

    Why do international organizations educate American children to hate nationalism and to accept globalism?

    Do you support or oppose allowing foreign socialist organizations, new age institutions and the United Nations to re-educate our children in to becoming good little environmental extremists, socialists and globalists?

    How do you think this well influence future elections in America?

    Do you reckon that this could eventually influence policy in America?

    Won't this eventually work to undermine the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

    "No longer are American children learning about the structure of a federal republic compared to a parliamentary democracy. No longer are children learning the difference between capitalism and socialism. No longer are children being taught why the United States became the most powerful economic engine the world has ever known."

    The International Baccalaureate offers high quality programmes of international education to a worldwide community of schools

    Robert Muller Schools International

    Center for Civic Education

    It kind of reminds me of how the Jesuits were busy educating the world previously.

    This is not my theory.

    "...Teilhard de Chardin influenced his companion [Father de Breuvery], who inspired his colleagues, who started a rich process of global and long-term thinking in the UN, which affected many nations and people around the world. I have myself been deeply influenced by Teilhard " Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations
  2. Nationalism is right behind religion on my list of roots of evil in the world. Fear of globalization is for the simple minded.
    They have my full support.
  3. Global government is nationalist extremism.
  4. Damn, they got to you in school.

    The UN is right behind religion on my list of all retarded enterprises in the world.

    Jimi Hendrix wasn't into world government. :smoke:
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    Hendrix wasn't into nationalism. Globalization doesn't necessarily mean world government.
  6. of course it doesn't ;)

  7. In this case it does.

    There is plenty of reasons to oppose globalism but certainly having it imposed on the people of the world and bringing it about in a secretive and underhanded fashion is not the least of which.

    People should have a right to maintain their national identities and cultures if they want to.

    The reasons that are often given for supporting globalism are mostly lies and BS. The fact is that the march towards globalism is why our economy is sucking ass.

    For one thing high paying skilled jobs flow from developed to developing nations as international corporations seek out the cheapest labor.

    For another the world becomes far too economically interdependent and trouble one place will cause problems everywhere else.

    Not to mention that non elected world governmental bodies such as the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization and a host of others are granted great control over your life and you have absolutely no way to petition or change it.

    What is so great about all that?
  8. Don't know why anyone would support the UN. There's evidence that UN troops systematically rape women and children in dirt poor countries, and because they don't have a voice, no one knows about it. The UN bureaucracy then covers it all up. The UN is just another violent Mafia, like the US Government.

  9. please sir, keep telling me about the injustices of the world. i honestly had no clue the UN was as full of shit as the US, then again if i had thought about it i probably would have made such a logically sound conclusion.

  10. Read Rothbard :D
  11. Sounds like an awesome idea! But until there's complete transparency on this issue (there never will be), I'm not buying into this, period.

    Let's take a similar scenario: There are 196 Gods at the Divine Auction. Two Gods are in control of the most Venerated Empires in the Celestial Universe. You are God of America. You and the God of The European Union bid on the Globe for the same amount of souls. The bid doesn't get any higher, and without support from the other Gods, you cannot be in possession of the Globe.

    What happens if God A wins the support and ultimately has possession of the Globe?

    Well little do we know that God B's intentions were good with the Globe. He would've shined, polished, and taken great care of that Globe, because all the souls invested in it were of great value making it a timeless treasure.

    God A is a greedy, heartless, and careless god. Within 50 years of owning the globe he dropped it, completely destroying it.

    God A is the United States and its global interests.
  12. Only globalism I see


    Jimi Thing needs this:
  13. who the fuck would ever want a one world government? you see how much the FED's respect state law. who could possibly want that on a global scale besides big corporation/big pharma/ and the trusty ole federal reserve?

  14. By masquerading as a religion, one particular entity, which is in reality a nation state, is able to set up communist cells in the US and work toward the elimination of the Constitution and the establishment of a soviet socialist world government.

    Since its religious in nature they can effectively remove themselves from the political conversation. How awesome is that?

    The letter J did not exist in any language unitl the mid 1500s. :rolleyes:

    [ame=]YouTube - The Pope & The New World Order[/ame]

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