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    I'm very surprised this hasn't been posted yet. I did a search and had zero hits. Despite this being "Art" I thought it would be more appropriate in the Box. Let me start by saying, I have seen suicides, pain olympics, things done with hammers and all the gruesome shit but nothing has made me question "Why?" like this video.

    I can't decide what's worse, the young lady who got up here and did this or the fucking hipsters who can consider this art.

    I am not posting this as a shock video but rather to raise the discussion of what is art, could you consider this art and to talk generally about how cancerous hipsters are.

    Without further ado. "Pizza Slut"

    Avoid reading comments and the explanation until after the video.
    Spoiler: (highlight)

    The video starts out with Stolz using a manual can opener to open a can of expired Spaghetti-Os. It takes her two minutes to do so because she has trouble using the can opener. Once it is open, she pours the black Spaghetti-Os into a pot and adds water, followed by recitation of a nihilistic poem:
    She repeats her words backwards in monosyllabic form while rubbing the shit onto her shirt. Stolz then cuts open her denim leggings, putting her dirty fingers into her vagina, expelling vaginal discharge.

    As the camera turns away, Stolz urinates into the empty can of Spaghetti-Os sitting on a platform Finally, she takes off her shirt with her bloody and dirty hands, wipes up the mess, and exits the room.

    yfw when Americans clap after everything.
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    Ok I started watchin it, initial reaction: shes terrible with a can opener for a woman

    Edit: watched as much as I could stand. Wtf point is she trying to make? I'm so confused, then the giberish shit really threw me for a loop
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    That part had me dying. It took me about 3 minutes to figure out it was part of the act, I thought she was going to do a presentation after opening it and everyone was waiting on her. I was crying laughing at that point.

    It was some nihilist rant. It's after that when shit gets real.
  4. God damn now I just read your description. Fuck I'm glad I didn't watch the rest. Some people are just really messed up in the head
  5. But it's "Art"
  6. Art seems to be a very broad term these days
  7. Bizarre....
  8. music is a broad term now too.

    the whole apartment should have been bombed

    I understand art is subjective, but come on theres no way it can be considered art. I honestly dont get anything that happened. black shit in a spaghetti os can, some weird liquid coming out of her vagina. like I've seen some fucked up shit, some really fucked up shit, but that was just disgusting.

    I cant help but feel like the guy that yelled out "whoo art" was just being ironic, cuz thats what hipsters do right? they try to make everything ironic for no reason, I assume it has something to do with their girl pants.
  9. lol, dude people are so fucking weird.
  10. A woman opening a can and putting some shit on her shirt and pussy - that's one very fucked up woman.

    But real retards here are the people watching. What kind of a retarded fuck would watch something like this and not laugh his ass off or at least try to make fun of the crazy woman taking their money?!?
  11. It's not art, just a very desperate attempt to be edgy and arty. It's just trying to think of weird shit that no one has ever done before.

    "I know! I can butt-fuck a raccoon and then launch it out of a cannon! As long as people watch me while I'm doing it then it is art! I'm a genius!"
  12. this is more artistic
    [ame=]Catch the Greased Up Deaf Guy - YouTube[/ame]

    its clearly meant to invoke the thought of your childhood dreams slipping away from you as an adult.
  13. That was strange, Fuckin hipsters everything isn't shit and that bitch ruined spagetti O's for me. I'm not 100% certain as to what was going on, It looked disgusting, and I'm gonna keep it that way.
  14. That shit got a million views?? It's disliked more then it liked by a lot though, fuck did I just watch..

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