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    Hey blades, like some of you I browse OkCupid once in a while in search of some cuties. Well, as I was browsing I spotted a girl I used to talk to! We worked together for like 4 months around 2 years ago and the most recent time I saw her was probably like 5 months ago. She was always DTF before but her personality was always VERY dull and one night when I was going to get it in she told me she didn't take a shower that day, which in my high state of mind, and even now kind of turns me off lmao. So nothing crazy ever happened. I know most of us think with our penises but do you guys think its worth the trouble?
        BTW I wasn't thinking about contacting her on OkC, I was just going to text her since she is obviously looking for a dude and I already have hr number. Funny thing is that on the site we're more enemy than friend hahah. I'd give her a 7 out of 10 max. She recently started blazing so we could do that, but when she was high she seemed boring. I really don't know. Now that I'm writing this it seems like not such a good idea. Because I don't like her as a person, only somewhat physically. I can post some screenshots of her texts she has sent me so you know how she is if you guys are interested. TIA
    BTW I'm not a troll, some dumbass on another one of my threads called me out on another situation, I've been on this site for 3 years. I don't make shit up, just looking for guidance from some peers.


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  2. Those texts are the single strangest and awkwardest things I've seen all day. Which color is you?
  3. Right?
    If i'm reading them correctly it looks like she wants a relationship, and is only conceding to sex for your admiration and attention.
    I won't be the Moral PD, but I think you know right from wrong.
  4. Lol I'm confused
  5. Pics of girl needed to give accurate advice on the situation
  6. Why did you save those texts from june..?
    LMAO, Im the green. I know it's awkward. Thats why I stopped talking to her
    Ill see what I can work out. Like I said, 7 MAX
    They're just on my phone, I didn't save them, just didn't delete them. iPhone's can save like a million texts hahha.
    THIS! THANKS MAN! I didn't like her before, I won't like her now. Not worth wasting my life right
  9. Ohh ok man as long as you didnt actually like save them that would be odd lol.

    I dont care if shes a 7 i just wanna see if she looks fuckable to comment on what you should do lol
  10. Haha what the fuck did I just read?
    Bail man!

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