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  1. michigan may be the same here next year . like i was telling everybody there will have to be a shortage of it . there are only a few stores in such a large area . there were over 400 in one city here . the law is not out yet nobody really knows about michigan . i think if your a rec grower then you can not give m . to patients you would not have patients its rec . we all know how it is dispen can be a real pain in the ass to deal with even if you have top shelf i mean seriously high quality they low balled the hell out of you prices but having only a few of these stores open in michigan you may be able to grow 144 plants that is a hell of a lot of product and one HELL of a electric bill . and a hell of a lot of work . once you harvest the rec stores will be like will give you 50 each ! they know they have you by the nuts your not legal to give it to anybody else . this is why i think there is a serious shortage , this will force many people to deal with there patients and black markets . what are you opinions ?
  2. Grow my own smoke my own repeat.
  3. You must not lacking the good stuff because you posted this in the indoor growing forum, and not the news forum.
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