Interesting news for Marijuana legalization.

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  1. Somewhere recently I read that Indian researchers from different fields of religion and science, joined forces and developed an interesting theory, that's the human brain has a defect that may be exceeded only by smoking marijuana.

    Quote (this is a Google translation from polish science news magazine, so it may be not 100% appropriate, but should be clear):

    The human brain is limited understanding of itself, blocking the internal logic of freedom of thought, even though, objectively, there should be no errors in thinking, if any logic is preserved. The problem is that the mechanism of the human brain assumes that the logic must be a single track. The lock appears when attempting to verify something that was defined previously, and the cause of the lock is probably the fact that the original definition was the determinant for further consideration. Guided by this reasoning, if the re-consideration is needed for something, it means that the whole template of thought developed in the following order was inappropriate. However, this causes loss of emotional awareness, while urging people to think too quickly with no easy possibility to reflect on mistakes committed - that's why people are inherently selfish. This causes also a restriction on the analysis of the determinants of the subconscious - which makes people more susceptible to fraud and emotional blackmail. This disorder of the brain can be avoided on the earth in only one way - by writing in a nutshell - by learning to find logic of mix of "life and dream" (dream - as the essence of human's sleep), in other words, to enter into "lucid dream" - a term here and there on the ground used. This technique allows you to think in a multitrack way (although different from the Earth standard), may require several months to few years of training and can be achieved mainly due to the possibility of smoking marijuana which makes it much simplier in fact, than using another time-consuming meditiation techniques used by indian yogis, doesn't require to drop the material life and allows to keep family. Therefore, in order to speed up western civilization in directions unexplored, marijuana should be legalized in the countries, which depends on such development, which may be important for finding new solutions, such as antigravity, the concept of a lottery mechanism, etc.

    In this magazine there is also a detailed explaination of the entire method (how to simply do it using marijuana), but this is several pages, too much to translate for me. Hope this looks interesting anyway.
  2. Thanks for the share, I will put this to use in my activism!
    Science is catching up with Einstein!
    Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.- - Albert Einstein
  3. Lucid dreaming achieved through smoking weed? I wanna know how!
  4. Hmm I thought cannabis reduces the occurrence of dreams
  5. The state of being high to the point you see things in a different perspective, think on a different level, and have new creative ideas and insights on a different plane that you ever would when not high. Not the silly high, a state way beyond that.
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    im not sure thats exactly what they are saying. more like the thought processes brought out by lucid dreaming, meditation, and marijuana. weed is kind of like a shortcut.

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